F1 2014 Canada Time Trial (Wet Weather)

After having completed all of the dry weather time trials in F1 2014, this afternoon I started working on the wet weather ones, and for the first effort I decided to use one of my favorite tracks in any F1 game, Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve, a 14 turn 2.7 mile track in Montreal, Quebec. This time out I decided to run three laps to test the best first lap that I put up (which always seems to be faster than the default speed by quite a bit). It was somewhat satisfying that all three laps were progressively faster as I was able to hold the car on the racing line throughout and did not take a penalty for leaving the track.

The default wet weather reference time was set by a Lotus at 1:28.636 and was easily beaten on the first lap when I posted a time of 1:23.726, the on the second circuit I put up a time of 1:22.667 (-1.058), and then finally a session fastest lap of 1:22.277 (-0.390) on the final time trial run before calling it quits.

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