MS FSX Crash Landing at Heathrow

I have increased the realism setting of the game to hard, which has appropriately changed the entire dynamic of the game play for me. At first I was overstressing the airframe on takeoff (which ripped the plane apart midair), and now that I have that sorted out properly I am crashing on landing. There have been only two successful approaches to date, and both have resulted in crashes and what could only be (in real life) some sort of personnel casualty.

Not to mention that the airframe itself would be a total write-off. On this daylight approach to the same airport I crashed at when I experienced issues with the reverse thrusters going into full throttle for takeoff, I crashed hard on touchdown with the runway this time after apparently not flaring the nose enough. Traditionally I have always disabled the autopilot and auto-throttle at 500 feet, and cut the engines at the beginning of the runway before flaring for touchdown. However that had always been on whatever the normal game settings were.

Now that the training wheels are off, flying the bread and butter 737 is becoming quite the challenge.

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