Flashpoint Campaigns Red Storm Spartans at Norderfurt

The following after-action report details a mission from the new battle pack “Germany Reforged” that depicts an action between the American TF 5-18 and the Soviet 244th Motorized Rifle Regiment in and around the town of Norderfurt on the second day of the war May 8, 1989 at 14:00 hours. NATO has orders to hold the town to allow for the 11th Cavalry to fall back thru to friendly lines while the Warsaw Pact has orders to take the city and deny its use as an escape route.

The Americans have moved into Norderfurt approximately four hours earlier in battalion strength, believed to be part of the 3rd Armored Division. Intelligence believes that they have already dug in around the town, but do not suspect that they will receive reinforcements.

The mission for the Warsaw Pact is to take the city and deny its use as an escape route by securing the bridge crossing over the Hunte River, thereby trapping the battered 11th Cavalry east of the river crossing.

The scenario is a conversion from the original game Flashpoint Germany (discontinued). In this incarnation I will be playing as the Warsaw Pact commander.

Game Options

Everything is unchecked except for FSCC control (which allows subordinate AI to utilize indirect fire support during turn resolution) and LOS checks (which allows the human player to evaluate the tactical feasibility of a specific hex).

Friendly Forces

39 Tank, 125 APC, 81 Inf, 9 SP AT, 39 AT, 33 HQ, 36 AD, 24 SP Arty, 18 Arty, 38 Utility, 2 Air.

Enemy Forces

Battalion strength element of the 3rd Armored Division suspected to have already dug in.

Critical Units

The T-80U [m] Main Battle Tank features a 125mm 2A46 smoothbore cannon as well as the AT-11 Sniper guided anti-tank missile. I will have 39 of these units at 101 Victory Points each for a total of 3,939 points.

The BTR-80 [g] Wheeled APC features a 14.5mm KPTV and 7.62mm PKT coaxial machine gun. Each unit transports the following infantry components: 9 X Mechanized Rifle, 1 X AT-4 Spigot, 1 X SA-14 Gremlin, and 1 X HQ. I will have 125 of these units at 18 Victory Points each for a total of 2,250 points.

The 2S3M1 Akatsiya (Self Propelled Artillery) features the 152mm D-20 round and is capable of firing the three primary fire missions (Harassing, Suppression, and Neutralizing), as well as Smoke and FASCAM. I will have 24 of these units located off map at 15 Victory Points each for a total of 360 points. While their point total is low compared to other units they are an intrinsic component required for victory.

Pregame Setup Phase One

The Soviet deployment area is located at the top right corner of the map with the units organized by the scenario designer. The area is split north to south by the Hunte River which runs the length of the map and is an important consideration in the disposition of my fighting forces.

Objectives (Victory Points)

The American TF 5-18 begins the scenario in control of all three objective hexes worth a total of 9,000 points. All locations are in the town of Norderfurt with two situated on the east side of the river, and the third on the opposite bank.

Pregame Setup Phase Two

Full size image is available here.

My forces are arrayed with the primary strike element on the right side of the water obstacle and a diversionary force on the left.

The following 16 minute video details the deployment of forces and also covers the first orders cycle:

Combat Action

Cycle 1: all forces have crossed the river and are driving towards their waypoints. The feint on the left has proven useful as it has drawn fire away from my main attack force on the right, and has allowed the on map towed mortar units to reach their positions.

Losses: Warsaw Pact 49/29 (Fallen Out/Destroyed), NATO 31

Additional Orders: the off map artillery are all currently in a Neutralizing Fire barrage mission so I decide to leave them to carry on. The towed mortar units are left alone as well with one On Call, one processing a fire mission, and the other moving to a new location.

Cycle 2: during this phase of combat all deployed minefield markers have turned yellow indicating that they have been expended. The lead elements of the two main battlegroups streaming down the right side of the map have reached their final pivot point and have turned towards their assigned objectives. The diversionary force on the left side of the map is all but eliminated at this point. Near the end of the turn the 2,000 Victory Point objective in hex 4125 has fallen having been captured by a counter with only three vehicles remaining.

Losses: Warsaw Pact 78/51, NATO 47

Additional Orders: with an Abrams tank counter sitting on the main objective, I decide to order a sortie from the Su-25 Frogfoot flight of two aircraft at hex 4128. All off map artillery are directed to barrage with Neutralizing Fire at the same hex, and again at 4124.

Cycle 3: I watched in horror as the artillery knocked the NATO units out of hex 4128 and my attacking forces drive into, just in time to be hit by the airstrike that I ordered on the same hex. Luckily the two hex Discretionary Target Zone Radius may have come into play and the attack happened in an adjacent hex that had an enemy counter. At approximately 1:17 into the scenario the primary objective worth 5,000 Victory Points fell to the Warsaw Pact.

Vodka for everyone!!

Losses: Warsaw Pact 89/55, NATO 75

Additional Orders: I have a total of 12 orders that I can issue this phase. Currently NATO is enjoying a full ten minutes within my Command Cycle, however I am controlling the battle and dictating the terms so far. In an effort to relieve pressure on my forces sitting on the 2,000 point objective, I order all three on map towed mortar units to barrage with Neutralizing Fire at the enemy counters near hex 3626. 

The Su-25 flight was a bust losing one airframe without achieving any kills. I decide to utilize them during this cycle to attack the 2,000 Victory Point objective in hex 3727, not so much to kill something (which would be nice) but rather to perform some aerial reconnaissance on that part of the map to see if a foray over there might prove worthwhile.

Cycle 4: the airstrike was a bust as the bird sortied on the second hex on my side of the river and I did not pick up any intelligence on the opposite bank. However it did reveal several NATO units that would be in the path of any route over there, and I don’t feel like giving away Victory Points to trade for a potential net loss in capturing the third objective.

Losses: Warsaw Pact 94/60, NATO 97

Additional Orders: two of the on map towed mortar units need to be moved up in order to fire on two enemy counters near the primary objective hex. The off map artillery is ordered to barrage with Neutralizing Fire, and the Su-25 is ordered to strike at hex 4126.

Cycle 5: during the resolution phase of the cycle I receive a High Command Intervention notification that the enemy has suffered losses and withdrawals exceeding 70% and is reorganizing on the battlefield. The terms are quite favorable with my retaining control of hexes 4128 & 4125 worth 7,000 Victory Points, as well as obtaining hex 3727 worth 2,000 points.

With an 84% Decisive Success outcome on the table, there is simply no good reason for me to continue the battle.

After-action Reports

The Staff Summary Report tab indicates that the scenario ended with the Soviets securing an 84% Decisive Success outcome with forces at 71% of starting. 

The total losses (VP) for both sides were: NATO 3,312 and the Warsaw Pact 2,338, with the Red Army taking all 9,000 Victory Point Locations for a total score of 12,312 to 2,338.


The Reported Kills and Claims tab details the results of the battle in spreadsheet format. The Warsaw Pact ended with 287 Active, 96 Fallen Out, and 61 Destroyed units. NATO ended with 72 Active, 22 Fallen Out, and 80 Destroyed units for a total loss of 102 units.

The standout group was the off map artillery battery of 24 2S3M1 Akatsiya’s which accounted for a total of 40 kill claims with not a single unit falling out or being destroyed.

For the on map units the highlight was 3/4/244th MRR (T-80U [m] Main Battle Tanks) which accounted for a total of 15 kill claims with a loss of four tanks fallen out, and none destroyed.

Considering they were part of the spearhead that secured the 5,000 Victory Point objective, that is an impressive feat remaining combat effective face to face with the enemy throughout the duration of the scenario.

The Staff Summary Report tab for the Americans indicates their abysmal failure at a 16% rating with forces at a devastating 29% of starting.

Review Final Situation

Full size image is available here.

The Americans were essentially pinned on the west bank of the Hunte River and there was no time for them to react to the sledgehammer that came down on the east side before they fell below 70% of their starting force that triggered the option to end the battle.

While I lost a number of units on the right side of the map, the feint on the left proved effective in my opinion as it took fire off my main attacking force and possibly contributed to the AI keeping units on that side until it was too late to react.

This scenario was played on 11/16/15 on a Windows 7 machine and the video was recorded by Open Broadcast Software*. The blog post was completed the same day and scheduled to be published on 11/18/15.

*I would like to thank Kushan from the Matrix Forums for his referral to this application.


  1. Great AAR Tim. I am looking forward to seeing you blog the Reforged scenarios. I am finding them quite challenging.

  2. Thanks! I am finding them challenging as well.


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