Command Bloody Hell

This 20 minute video is my stumbling through a somewhat unwieldy game as I struggle to complete one of the most basic tutorials available.


  1. Many thanks for this, though I feel rather sorry you had a bad experience - I've really been enjoying this game, though really barely scratched the surface.

    Not sure what happened there with the map jump, but obviously infuriating. I can't think of anything similar happening with me so can't suggest anything.

    In terms of this scenario, I'd definitely suggest controlling the sub manually to make best use of various options for stealth - all of the "tutorials" I've found (particularly the Air one) tend to be more sandboxes (probably not quite the right word) to get used to various ways of playing the game, rather than necessarily the best place to start (despite the name !).

    There are a few threads on the forum over at Matrix regarding easy scenarios to begin with. They tend to be initially based on ships (only) either with guns, or limited missiles which makes the whole thing a bit easier. I then have tended to get my head round different bits of the games (like missions, or formation editor) as the scenarios get a little more complex.

    Also, I guess I'm a bit lucky because I've followed it through considerable "patches", and some of it now looks quite unlike how it started - again the mission editor particular. I think that always gives a bit of an advantage to come to it a bit iteratively.

    Many thanks for the blog - always interesting to see your view on various things,


  2. Hey Tim. I second controlling the sub manually. My best efforts with this game have come when I do control things manually. I agree with everything else you've said here though. The game is confusing and it is really a barrier to new players not familiar with it.

  3. The trick to this scenario in Zone C is to have the submarine depth manually set to just above the layer to avoid the towed arrays which hang just below the layer. The first time I ran the tutorial using that and the creep speed setting I was able to sink the surface ship and move on to complete the scenario.


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