Cities Skylines Episode 3

This is yet another restart however this time I have really focused on trying to avoid resolving open issues before accelerating growth. This is the first video for this specific effort, and with it Capital City status for achieving a population of over 28K. The interesting things about this particular effort are that I have incorporated both freight and passenger rail service (with some substantial changes since this video was taken earlier today), as well as not placing down a subway system until over 25K. The result is a more logical routing that all runs clockwise from each station.

These are some paved walking paths to cut down on cims crossing the streets and snarling traffic.

This is the metro that I laid down earlier tonight: The stops are the business park, the university, the Grand Mall, the passenger train terminal, a high density residential section, and finally back to the business park. Each stop has its own line stopping at all other stops in a clockwise path before terminating the route back at the beginning (this was brought about because my bus network is seriously clogging the streets and needs to be reworked).

This is just a glamour shot of a nice sunrise :)

I would like to thank Chris at The Sharp End Gaming for this Steam gift. It is a great game that I am having a lot of fun with.

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