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The following video is an attempt to address wild population fluctuations that I believe were brought about from unchecked zone growth in the residential sections. Here I am taking an extreme step of de-zoning several residential areas in an attempt to bring them back online incrementally so as to check the severe swings in the census.

These death waves are causing havoc with the city in abandoned buildings, a lowered tax base, and dead cims all over the place.

This video depicts how I am going about seeding a residential grid by breaking it up into multiple rows to be zoned once a month based on zone demand.

This approach so far seems to have tempered the wild fluctuations (at least for now). Further expansion will be done incrementally (no more than a 4 X 1 grid once per month).

It seems as if the incremental rezoning of blocks of my Residential areas has had a positive effect on the huge death swings as they seem to have been cut in half based on the graph above.

In this image there is very little dead waiting to be picked up in the forward six blocks of Residential area that were incrementally rezoned (one 4X1 tile set per month). The others in the background that were not rezoned in this manner have many more dead awaiting transport as well as abandoned housing.

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