Breach & Clear Review

This is my video review of a tactical turn-based action orientated game that features some light RPG elements. There is a bug with the game (or with its Steam interface) that causes a black screen upon exit to the desktop which requires a hard restart of the computer. I am currently playing the game in a reduced windowed resolution to get around this. While this is not an optimal solution, the game more than makes up for the technical shortcoming with some solid tactical gameplay.

The current sale price on Steam is 90% off for $1.49 USD, and there is a price point package bug in the Steam storefront where the second game (also 90% off) at $1.99 USD totals $29.99. I purchased the games separately.

In my video I mention some light RPG elements, however after playing some missions and developing the squad the amount of gear available to purchase (and sell) is substantial and can greatly affect the performance of the avatar. One of the first things I did was purchase old school camo BDU cloth which is reminiscent of the battle dress uniforms that I wore in the 80's as part of the Army Reserve.

Skill points are awarded after each mission and vary based on the performance of each avatar (four squad members). Not all units receive points (probably based on their kills or other performance), and if you are not careful you can upset the tactical balance of the statistics across the squad.

So I will have to revise my video remarks about this having "light" RPG elements.

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  1. The app version is also really good and perhaps one of the best tactical game for tablet.


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