Command Ops 2 Scenario Maker

This video covers a non-historical scenario that I am playing around with in the Scenario Maker application that ship with the free engine module. There is also an Establishment Editor and a Map Maker application available that allows you to create your own content. I have not designed a scenario is a number of years, however the new game is largely built upon the successes of the first game so it took very little time to get back into it.

The base module to the game is available for free on Steam.


  1. Yes! Aside from your PACOPS work Tim, Burning Metal is one of my favorite Command Ops scenarios and one of the reasons I play Command Ops! Good to see you doing this.

  2. I noticed in the video that I somehow ended up with three SEP for the Allies so I had to go back and delete two of them. Burning Metal...I haven't played that scenario in years! Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Nice, I didn't know that the editor was so straightforward. And I see something that other people doesn't use, the Plan window. That is your optimal arrange of the windows? I think it lacked the Indirect Fire Support, as I like to control at least 1 arty piece.


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