Skyrim One and Done

Tonight, I made it to level 78 in Skyrim Special Edition and my first attempt to trigger an encounter with a legendary dragon was successful, allowing me to slay the beast and obtain the 75th and final Steam achievement for the game. This makes my third perfect game overall on Steam (the other two being Tropico 4 and original Skyrim). What makes this effort unique (at least for me) is that I did not make any skill Legendary to fast level my way to 78. This forced me to work in other areas outside of my comfort zone which in turn opened the game in a way I had not experienced before.

The video covers my reaching level 78 and then the encounter at Arcwind Point. After that there is some general discussion about the game and some of the decisions I made throughout the playthrough.

Skyrim is a great game made even better by community mods, but for me I will be setting it aside to focus on other titles.

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