Livestream Tonight

Tonight I will be doing a livestream of Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm playing as the Soviets in the scenario "Ardennes Revisited". The stream will begin at 19:30 EST and I plan on covering the opening as well as a few turns. Depending on how it goes, I may push the envelope and complete the scenario if possible (I have to be mindful of the Comcast data cap). To keep things reasonable I will probably use the low settings since it is a tactical game and the need for 1080p may be overkill.

Check it out over on YouTube.

Update: Sorry about the technical difficulties. Apparently I can livestream regular games, but cannot stream something that is in windowed mode or appearing to be running on a desktop (even though I have those settings enabled). I will research this and figure out a solution as I feel livestreaming a game such as FCRS is more suited to my time availability these days (writing a full blown AAR as I have done in the past took several days).


  1. I think the livestream is a good idea. Command Ops would be another good game to livestream.

    1. I managed to get Flashpoint to work the second time I tried, not sure what the issue was the first time.

  2. I am going to promote these on the Sharp End FB page when they post btw.


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