Trial by Fire Beta Test

The following scenario is an alternative history engagement between the United States Marine Corps and the German Wehrmacht. The Allies are represented by elements of the 3rd Marine Division of the I Marine Amphibious Corps while the Axis is represented by elements of a Fortress Garrison Regiment supported by a Penal Battalion. The Germans have the advantage as they hold the key objectives and can employ heavy artillery against the river insertion by the Marines.

One of the direct purposes of this scenario is to test the fighting ability of the Marines while simulating an amphibious landing. In this case, they are coming ashore on the north bank of the Rhine and their insertion is by way of the “Bad Para” Arrival Type in the Scenario Editor. This greatly reduces the unit’s cohesion and recovery rate, initial firepower (within the first hour), increases dispersion and heavy casualties if not arriving on smooth terrain (this is why they are landing on polder).

As mentioned above the Germans have the advantage in this scenario from the outset: they are in position on the key objectives and are not suffering any adverse deployment effects. Furthermore, all of their forces are situated on the north bank where the objectives are located at. Reinforcements come on day two (but can be disabled by selecting no reinforcements). These units consist of StuG III G’s and StuH 42’s.

German Deployment

The Marines are in a unique position in that a large part of their forces are situated on the south bank of the Rhine and have no way of making it across to secure any of the objectives. It is up to the player on how best to utilize these support forces to make a positive impact on the battle, however I do have the following tips:

Use the recon company and the infantry battalion to stand guard along the bank: they can spot for artillery and actually will fire across the river onto the other side, as well as deflect artillery fire away from the landing forces
Attach an AT platoon to each battalion that you will be using to attack the objectives

American Deployment


Marine Corps 2.0 (this mod is required for the scenario to be played)

I intend to keep this scenario in a beta state for two weeks to allow for input (please make comments by replying to this post in the form at the bottom). Those who contribute will have their names listed as beta testers on the scenario selection screen (if they wish to do so).

Matrix Forum Post

After-action Report (Short Version)

For me this is a very difficult scenario to play as the Marines: they are bombarded on the initial landing and pressed against the Rhine by the German forces to such an extent that breaking out to the objectives further away from Welie (misspelled as Welle in the scenario) is a formidable task.

I've found that it is beneficial to take the first battalion that lands and immediately smash them against the Welie Objective in an attempt to clear some space to allow the other battalions to move along the road that runs parallel to the Rhine so as to get to forming-up points for the other two objectives.

Clearing Welie is absolutely key to having a positive outcome, from my testing.

After-action Report

Review Final Situation

Video Test

The video below is using a demo version of Bandicam which recorded the game play in 1080p (select that in the gear icon of the YouTube video frame for best quality). The scenario build is number five and the purpose of the video is to evaluate screen capture products on the market that can record Command Ops games, not to provide any input on actual game play.

Change Log


More to come...


  1. Downloaded. I really like the "bad para" idea to simulate a crossing!

  2. Updated post to reflect my last play test. I had 5,667 Marines left at the end of the scenario, of which 2,514 were on the north bank of the Rhine. There was some time where I held all three objectives, however the Axis forces pressed hard and made me work for every single Victory Point. "Trial by Fire" is appropriate as there was a horrific amount of casualties caused by bombardment: 436 losses for the Axis and 358 for the Allies, for a total of 794 personnel casualties.

  3. Uploaded sample video which is located at the bottom of the post.


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