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I have an AMD video card and several months ago there was a significant update that incorporated a new component called “AMD Gaming Evolved” which is essentially a new overlay that allows for optimization of games as well as to provide sort of a game library. Once a free account is setup the application tracks things such as game time and provides various multimedia tools such as the ability to take screen shots and video from within a game.

All of this was well and good but mostly things I already had taken care of. In fact, the application itself interfered with the original Ghost Recon game and required to be completely shut down for that game to launch. But for the most part I let the overlay run while playing various games, all the while collecting something called Rewards Points which accumulate over time as you log hours into various supported titles (almost all of mine are through Steam).

Well today I eclipsed 5,000 points and decided to check out what meager offerings were available for what I essentially dismissed as carnival tickets. Much to my surprise there was a game on the list which was something I had a passing interest in, DiRT3. Not sure how the whole thing worked, I went ahead with the “purchase” and exchanged the 5,000 points I had built up playing video games for a Steam key to a game that presently goes for $24.99 on that platform.

Adding the game in Steam was completely flawless and I was able to take it for a spin just a bit before deciding to write this post.

The following are a couple of screen shots taken during a quick play through session on several courses. The graphics are nice and the game is pretty fun to drive.

To be perfectly honest I thought this whole thing was nothing but some sort of scam to shove advertising down my throat, but in reality it does pay to play: I just got a free game from doing nothing other than playing other games.

This video is a sample using the Raptr video recorder set to medium quality and optimized for a YouTube upload. I don't think it is a bad video and shows some of the nice looking graphics in the game.

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