Hockenheimring Time Trial/Video Test

This video was shot using the Raptr application which is part of the AMD Gaming Evolved package which has caused some issues with games in the past but largely seems to be getting sorted out. The nice thing about Raptr is there is no time or quality setting limit to use their free application. So I decided to take a time trial lap in F1 2014 at Hockenheimring to see how the resulting video holds up. While overall it is OK, it is not as smooth as I would have liked for what they call the default high settings.

These settings are 10 Mb/s maximum bitrate, 30 fps maximum framerate, and 1080p as the maximum video resolution. I could have gone up to 60 fps on the framerate and may have to try that next time if I get in the mood of posting videos,

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