Ultimate General Gettysburg Confederate Epic Victory

I picked this game up yesterday during the Steam Summer Sale for $5.99 (60% off of the regular price of $14.99) after having it in my Wish List for quite some time. It is a very quick game to learn with a tutorial video set that while not interactive, does exactly what it needs to in order to convey the mechanics of moving the units. What you ultimately do with those units (pun intended) is another matter, as I have not yet found any reference in the game in how to actually employ various units to maximize their individual strengths and mute their weaknesses.

While some things may seem self-evident (such as it being pure folly to charge a Skirmish unit into an entrenched line Infantry unit holding onto a ridge), other things are not as apparent. Artillery is one that kind of puzzles me because even though enemy units are within the range cone, certain units are not bombarding unless I move them forward. I believe this has to do with terrain and line of sight; however I cannot seem to have the individual unit LOS display (as depicted in one of the tutorial vignettes).

There seems to be a robust set of options for setting up a skirmish type game, and I have so far won two and lost two while learning the ropes. There are Steam Achievements, however oddly enough there are only three: one for winning any single battle, and the other two for winning the whole things (one as a Union general, the other as a Reb general).

I have to say the game is a lot of fun and at its current price on Steam it is an insane value. Anyone with even a passing interest in infantry formation warfare, the Civil War period in general, or games that just simply work right out of the box would probably enjoy this game.


  1. You are right this is a great value for a fun game. I am looking forward to what comes next from them. They really did a nice job for a small studio and they are constantly polishing it.

  2. It turns out I actually wasn't playing a skirmish type game but the regular campaign, and from the scenario posted above I played several others and ended up winning the battle on July 2nd to secure a Minor Victory outcome and win the Southern Cross of Honor Steam Achievement.


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