F1 2014 Germany Time Trial (Wet Weather)

Ever since I began racing in Geoff Crammond’s  Grand Prix 3 and eventually Grand Prix 4 in the early 2000’s I have loved running at the Hockenheimring circuit in the Rhine Valley in Germany. The shear amount of speed was absolutely terrifying and those video games did an excellent job creating a sensation that was at times both breathtaking and nauseating. That era essentially came to an end when in real life the track design was drastically changed in 2002 as it was butchered from 6.823 km to 4.574 km.

The old track presented a technical challenge to both team and driver like no other track, whereas the new layout was  (and still is) harshly criticized by purists as “cookie cutter”. While I have fond memories of the Crammond titles from yesteryear (especially the music score in GP4 of all things), the current owner of the F1 gaming license has done a superb job of recreating the sensation of speed at Hockenheimring (even though it is a truncated circuit).

The following three lap wet weather time trial is part of my effort to complete the time trial challenges in F1 2014 by Codemasters Birmingham.

While I find this a challenging track, it is also a fun track to drive as well and I find myself racing here and Canada more often than any of the other tracks in the 2012/2014 array of available circuits.

The old and new track layouts (credit Wikipedia).

The lap times on green tires were:

  • 1:25.936 Lap 1
  • 1:25.419 Lap 2
  • 1:25.130 Lap 3

While I am still patiently working on a championship season in F1 2012 (that was began before I purchased 2014), from time to time I venture to the newer game as it is more of an overall challenge for the settings I use racing with my Logitech Gamepad.

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