MS FSX 737-800 Heavy Weather Landing

Not satisfied with just the hard setting for realism, I decided to work through some weather related scenarios. The settings for this particular landing are the default “Major Thunderstorm” weather theme from the game options that has the following description: “A large area of low pressure has generated a massive storm front with concentrated thunderstorms at its center”. At nine years old the game is showing its age, however it is still a lot of fun to fly and the weather system seems as faithfully implemented as could be expected at that time.

I held the autopilot and auto-throttle on for a bit longer than normal (my typical cutoff in a 737-800 has been 500 feet) in the hope that it could bring me true to the airstrip, however the winds were buffeting the airframe so much that I was pushed to the right side of the runway and most likely should have aborted the landing and gone around.

It was a very challenging landing to pull off and actually quite satisfying given the difficulty settings used.

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