CMANO Battle of Latakia

This is a standalone scenario set during the Yom Kippur War in 1973 and depicts an engagement between Syria and Israel. This is a naval surface engagement scenario where the Israel ships are tasked with destroying Syrian patrol craft. It is the first naval battle in history to see the use of missile combat and electronic warfare countermeasures. The video is 7:29 and there is a somewhat scathing commentary available regarding the overall design and end result.


  1. Hi - thanks for continuing to cover Command... I agree with your comments about this not being a win/lose type of scenario, though I think does have a fair amount of learning points in it (so perhaps, as you say, making to more effective as a tutorial-type scenario). I find it useful both in terms of naval warfare (not all ships-with-missiles are equal) and for getting to grips with Command; it can be used for: setting up missions, managing emissions, detecting and identifying other craft, maneuvering to maximise fire-power, managing formations. Probably I mostly run through it just to watch how things turn out, and get information from the display box text.

    There are some other missions (unfortunately I forget the name) which pitch Norwegian patrol boats against Russian ships at various time points... essentially they take the learning points from this and put it in a much more challenging environment (iirc there are 3 or 4, the earlier ones being a bit less satisfactory as they are gun battles and straight running torpedoes).

    Many thanks, Chris

  2. Hey Tim. I will start promoting these videos on the Sharp End FB page.


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