Breach & Clear Operation Eternal Prophet

Mission Description: “The terrorist staging area has been discovered. Take them out and secure this camp before assaulting the main base.” This mission proved to be the toughest of all to date, and even with UAV and Defibrillator perks used on the initial run through, bad tactics proved to be the demise with the loss of the entire squad. The video is twice as long as the others because it features the initial loss as well as the subsequent three star victory condition.

I will be using my Canadian JTF2 Team with improved weapons and gear that I have been accumulating throughout previous missions.

I plan on circling back to this mission in an attempt to obtain a four star rating, and at the time I should employ a marksman rifle (which I have not yet in this campaign). The initial entry point A has what should be a decent long range target zone where a sniper might be successful. The downside to this is I would have only three squad members left for the assault.

The cheapest sniper rifle in the game is over $4K so I bypassed that and decided to go with a direct assault using suppression and speed. It took me a couple of tries however I managed to achieve four stars on this last attempt.

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