Breach & Clear Operation Meadow Lark

Mission Description: “Securing the staging area has brought you and your team to the outskirts of the main base, through their main supply depot. Take out enemies around the depot and prevent supplies from being used by the main base.” I managed to obtain a four star rating on this mission on the first attempt, and even though several members of the squad were injured during the action the critical component is time. I finished the scenario with a best time of 29.71 seconds.

I used the Canadian JTF2 Team with improved weapons and gear that I have been accumulating throughout previous missions. Prior to the start I purchased two additional UAV consumables, using one at the start of the scenario.

This proved to be yet another solid scenario in the campaign and made sense in the specific vignette “Germany”. Although not absolutely required, story continuity is something that is appreciated and shows a global attention to detail from the developer.

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