For Honor Review

After much consternation and miscommunication, I finally received my activation code for the game. While I would have preferred this run through Steam, I had to install Uplay to download it and play from that service (so I have no screen shots at the moment). This short review is not a commentary on the Uplay service as it seems to be love or hate in the gaming community, however I will say that I did not encounter a single issue with the service during my hour in that game.

Steam Slitherine Weekend Deal

There is a really good sale going on at Steam this weekend featuring a number of Slitherine products at a substantial discount. I picked up Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear for $9.89 (67% off the retail price of $29.99). Interestingly enough this appears to be a Steam only sale as the full price for that game is listed on the storefronts of both Matrix Games and Slitherine Games. The discounts range from 35% to as much as 75%, with significant savings on some great games such as Flashpoint Campaigns: RedStorm, Vietnam ’65, as well as the Decisive Campaigns series of games. The sale runs through Monday 3/13/17.

Bill Paxton 1955-2017

Actor Bill Paxton passed away on February 25, 2017 due to complications from surgery. Paxton starred in a number of military themed or flavored movies including: Stripes, Commando, Aliens, Navy SEALs, Predator 2, U-571, and Resistance. Paxton had been recently starring in the new CBS crime-thriller Training Day. He is survived by his wife and two children.

Breach & Clear Operation Meadow Lark

Mission Description: “Securing the staging area has brought you and your team to the outskirts of the main base, through their main supply depot. Take out enemies around the depot and prevent supplies from being used by the main base.” I managed to obtain a four star rating on this mission on the first attempt, and even though several members of the squad were injured during the action the critical component is time. I finished the scenario with a best time of 29.71 seconds.

Command Ops 2 Scenario Maker

This video covers a non-historical scenario that I am playing around with in the Scenario Maker application that ship with the free engine module. There is also an Establishment Editor and a Map Maker application available that allows you to create your own content. I have not designed a scenario is a number of years, however the new game is largely built upon the successes of the first game so it took very little time to get back into it.

The base module to the game is available for free on Steam.

Command Ops 2 on Steam

Today I learned that Command Operations has finally landed on Steam. This is what I feel to be a logical conclusion of a journey that has taken this developer through several publishers and business models. The series began as Red Devils of Arnhem, and then progressed as Highway to the Reich, Conquest of the Aegean, Command Operations 1, and now the most recent iteration of the game engine, CO2. Along the way the theater shifted from Western Europe to Greece, and then back to the western front again through both CO1 and CO2.

Breach & Clear Operation Eternal Prophet

Mission Description: “The terrorist staging area has been discovered. Take them out and secure this camp before assaulting the main base.” This mission proved to be the toughest of all to date, and even with UAV and Defibrillator perks used on the initial run through, bad tactics proved to be the demise with the loss of the entire squad. The video is twice as long as the others because it features the initial loss as well as the subsequent three star victory condition.

Breach & Clear Operation Iron Will

Mission Description: “Successfully securing the forward outpost has raised an alert. Make your way through the forest to find where the terrorists are bringing in supplies.” This is a nice open area map with no visible boundaries (such as a wall), and this effort is my first attempt at the mission.

Breach & Clear Operation Rogue Bandit

Mission Description: “A terrorist cell has been identified within the Black Forest; send your team in to find out what the terrorists are up to. Engage and neutralize all targets.” This is the first open area mission of the game (all other locations to this point have been enclosed areas or on a ship), and this video is my second attempt in clearing the mission for a maximum four star rating.

Breach & Clear Review

This is my video review of a tactical turn-based action orientated game that features some light RPG elements. There is a bug with the game (or with its Steam interface) that causes a black screen upon exit to the desktop which requires a hard restart of the computer. I am currently playing the game in a reduced windowed resolution to get around this. While this is not an optimal solution, the game more than makes up for the technical shortcoming with some solid tactical gameplay.