Cities Skylines Review

The following 10:00 video details an early game city build on a grid that is dominated by a gentle slope on one side and a river on another. This is a quality city builder game that features a streamlined interface, a significant depth of actionable information not found in many other games of the genre, and a stable platform in which to enjoy the gameplay. I would say that this game is a definite must buy in its current condition even at full price.

Empyrion - Galactic Survival

This is an Early Access open world space survival type game which is currently discounted during the Steam Autumn Sale for $9.99 (50% off retail). Overall it is highly functional and fun to play, seems to be very stable as it has not crashed on me yet, and is actively supported by the developer with frequent patching and new feature releases. The video is 10:00 long and covers the initial deployment and activity in the game.

CMANO Battle of Latakia

This is a standalone scenario set during the Yom Kippur War in 1973 and depicts an engagement between Syria and Israel. This is a naval surface engagement scenario where the Israel ships are tasked with destroying Syrian patrol craft. It is the first naval battle in history to see the use of missile combat and electronic warfare countermeasures. The video is 7:29 and there is a somewhat scathing commentary available regarding the overall design and end result.

CMANO Battle of Chumonchin Chan

This is a standalone scenario set during the Korean War in 1950 and depicts an engagement between North Korea and the United Nations. This is a naval surface engagement scenario where the UN ships are tasked with destroying a North Korean convoy. The video is 24:11 and there is commentary available.

CMANO Advanced ASW Exercise 1979

This is the first stand-alone scenario in the base game depicting a CASEX A24 advanced ASW scenario. There are three British ASW groups and at least three REDFOR submarines. The point of the exercise is to safely escort the auxiliary oiler HVU RFA Grey Rover to the RV area. The scenario has a predefined “ASW Exercise Area” featuring seven reference points. The video is 8:37 and there is no commentary provided. The first attempt is a loss (the focus vessel is sunk), while the second attempt is successful with no losses among the fleet assets.

CMANO Air Ops 1983

This is a video covering my playing a tutorial in the game. It includes commentary regarding how I played the scenario and the results achieved. The video is 18:30.

CMANO Warship Ops 2013

This is a video covering one of the basic training scenarios in the game. In this video I will be commanding a surface warship with attached helicopter support to engage a variety of naval and land targets.

Command Bloody Hell

This 20 minute video is my stumbling through a somewhat unwieldy game as I struggle to complete one of the most basic tutorials available.

Get Out and Vote

If you live in the United States and are eligible to vote in the upcoming election, I urge you to get out and vote for your candidate and issues that you care about.

Hearts of Iron 3 Desert Fox Scenario

This is a quick video (under five minutes) of the Desert Fox scenario in Hearts of Iron 3. I put all of the options on AI control (Diplomacy, Production, etc.) and issue a single Blitz order to the on map forces to take the province of Romani across the Suez Canal. The end result is that the AI steamrolls the opposition and secures the objective in short order.

I had a lot of issues trying to get this game to work in Windows 10, and ended up having to find a patch on a website to update a Steam game to make it playable (it would CTD repeatedly with a runtime error). It sucks that apparently the developer is no longer supporting this product on the same sales platform that they are actively using for the new game HOI 4.