Skyrim Special Edition

My video card is a four year old AMD Radeon HD 7770 2GB that came installed in an off the shelf Gateway computer that I purchased brand new. This card is below the Skyrim Special Edition minimum video card requirement of at least a NVIDIA GTX 470 1GB /AMD HD 7870 2GB. This caused me quite a bit of concern as I had heavily modded the original Skyrim yet still was set at Ultra in the graphics detection application that is part of the startup of the game. Going into the Special Edition I had no idea if I would even be able to run the game, much less play it at an acceptable level.

ArmA II Basic Mission Objectives

This video covers some basic scenario design concepts that I use, specifically chaining multiple objectives so that they fire a victory condition trigger. The video has segments covering work in the editor as well as three gameplay segments to validate the design.

Space Hulk Cleanse and Burn

This is a video of a mission from the Sin of Damnation campaign for the Blood Angels chapter of the game. It is approximately 30 minutes long and I win it by clearing the twin objectives during the same turn, which results in the game/Steam achievement “The Purging Flame”. My only criticism of this specific scenario is that there is no visual or audio representation (that I am aware of) that you have successfully completed one of the two objectives. The notification comes only when you either win or lose the scenario.

FTL Session

The following video is a single system play through for the rogue-like spaceship simulation Faster than Light (Advanced Edition). I have fiddled with this game some over the past few years, but never got that into it for one reason or another. It may seem casual at first glance, however there is some serious decision making involved due to various situations that present themselves during the play session.

F1 2014 Russian Grand Prix

A quick five lap race at the Sochi Autodrom (my favorite circuit in F1 2014) using professional strength AI.

Lunar Flight Basic Mission

This is a short video on a basic transport mission in Lunar Flight. I need to work on balancing the sound of the game and my microphone so I apologize if some of what I am saying is washed out a bit by the ambient sounds.

Iron Front Range Practice

PzKpfw VI Ausf.B Kingtiger vs. 3 T-34-76 in short range gunnery practice. The German tank is in a stationary position on the opposite bank of the river that the Soviets are trying to cross. It is not a fair fight to be sure, and the Red Army units are mauled.

For some reason I keep coming back to this game. There is something about World War II units in a scenario sandbox editor that is quite comforting from a gaming perspective.

War Stories: Operation Aurora

The following post is an after-action summary of the first single player mission of the story campaign in Battlefield Bad Company 2 that takes place on October 6, 1944. Somewhere in the Sea of Japan a small group of US commandos are sent to extract a Japanese scientist from an island who has war-decisive information in his possession. The fate of the mission was kept from the public and all records destroyed, relegating it to the scrap heap of battlefield myths.

ArmA II: Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

This is a video of a simple scenario I started today in ArmA II using the Army of the Czech Republic DLC. This is a work in progress that may or may not be fully developed into a downloadable mission.