Real Life

Later this evening my 26-year-old niece will be taken off life support and her organs will be harvested according to her wishes so that others may benefit. She leaves behind two small children (6 and 3), and is passing while being 4 weeks pregnant.

Life is short (sometimes brutally so) and in many instances, is just not fucking fair at all. If you have someone that you love and care about, let them know. If you have unresolved grudges, set them aside for the greater good and reconnect with those who may have grown distant.

Because you never, ever know when something is going to come at you and turn your life upside down.

F1 2014 Russian Grand Prix (Sochi)

I qualified 2nd in this 25% length race in professional mode. I took the lead going into the first corner of the first lap and was able to regain it after the pit sequence to pull out the victory.

Fallout 4 Review

A couple of months ago I declared Skyrim as the greatest video game that I have ever played. That statement is now under serious assault from a title that I largely ignored for over a year. The fact that they are both from the same developer is quite astounding in my opinion. The only other Fallout game I played was New Vegas, and it is the only title in the first-person series to be done by a different developer. I didn’t much care for it and basically dismissed the series as cartoonish.

Skyrim One and Done

Tonight, I made it to level 78 in Skyrim Special Edition and my first attempt to trigger an encounter with a legendary dragon was successful, allowing me to slay the beast and obtain the 75th and final Steam achievement for the game. This makes my third perfect game overall on Steam (the other two being Tropico 4 and original Skyrim). What makes this effort unique (at least for me) is that I did not make any skill Legendary to fast level my way to 78. This forced me to work in other areas outside of my comfort zone which in turn opened the game in a way I had not experienced before.

The video covers my reaching level 78 and then the encounter at Arcwind Point. After that there is some general discussion about the game and some of the decisions I made throughout the playthrough.

Skyrim is a great game made even better by community mods, but for me I will be setting it aside to focus on other titles.


This is just a quick post to let everyone who visits this blog know that I am alive and well. I have been playing a lot of Skyrim SE and have 74 out of the 75 achievements on Steam. The last one will take quite a bit of grinding since on this build I am not making any of the skills legendary, so I sit at level 71 with 7 levels to go to spawn the necessary dragon to kill for the final achievement at level 78. Once all that is said and done with I plan on setting Skyrim aside and focusing on other games.

Highway to the Reich Eindhoven Historical Campaign Day Two

The following post is Day Two of the Historical Campaign for Eindhoven, a nine day nine hour scenario in Highway to the Reich by Panther Games. Breaking the blog post up into structured segments for each day should allow for better tactical analysis and reassessment of the battle plan based on the situation on the ground (as well as a more organized approach to writing an after-action report for a scenario as long as this).

Highway to the Reich Eindhoven Historical Campaign Day One

The Eindhoven campaign is one of three historical campaigns (Arnhem, Eindhoven, and Nijmegen) that are part of the scenario list for the original Highway to the Reich by Panther Games. The scenarios also include some coup de main campaigns and a number of smaller and what-if scenarios. Arnhem and Eindhoven clock in at nine days and nine hours where Nijmegen is approximately half that at four days and ten hours of total scenario time.

Skyrim SE Thoughts

Recently I have been playing a lot of the Skyrim Special Edition that was released last October. While I am grateful to the developer for providing this full game free of charge to owners of the original game and all DLC, I must wonder why they didn’t take some development opportunity to fix some major bugs in the game which were successfully addressed over the years by the Unofficial Skyrim Patch (USSEP). Seriously, what were they thinking?

F1 2014 Graphics Card Test

I ran a quick five lap race to test my new PC’s graphics card (GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB GDDR5) and the video below is of a last lap pass for the win. I won the pole but lost the lead on the first lap when I made a mistake. It took me the remaining laps just to close the gap on Hamilton to set him up for an overtake using DRS (Drag Reduction System) which is enabled when within one second of the car in front of you.

For Honor Review

After much consternation and miscommunication, I finally received my activation code for the game. While I would have preferred this run through Steam, I had to install Uplay to download it and play from that service (so I have no screen shots at the moment). This short review is not a commentary on the Uplay service as it seems to be love or hate in the gaming community, however I will say that I did not encounter a single issue with the service during my hour in that game.