Silent Hunter III Narvik Scenario

Narvik is the seventh of 10 single player scenarios available in the game. It takes place in April 1940 and is based on The Second Naval Battle of Narvik, where the British battleship HMS Warspite was sent with nine destroyers into the Ofotfjord to engage the Kriegsmarine forces operating off of the coast of Narvik. In the real life operation a catapult plane launched by the Warspite bombed and sank the German submarine U-64 which I have been assigned to captain in this mission. It would prove to be the only instance of the war where a battleship launched aircraft sank a U-Boat.

Silent Hunter III Malta Scenario

Malta is the sixth of 10 single player scenarios available in the game. It takes place in August 1942 and is based on U-Boat operations in the Mediterranean Sea. The boat that I am piloting for this mission is the U-331 that in real life was skippered by Kapitänleutnant Hans-Dietrich von Tiesenhausen who was featured in the first episode of this series Barham. In real life during this period the U-331 was on a number of uneventful patrols in the Med, and would later be attacked and sunk on November 17, 1942 while on her 10th wartime patrol.

Silent Hunter III Happy Times Scenario

Happy Times is the fifth of 10 single player scenarios available in the game. It takes place in April 1940 and is based on the infamous period of operations where the U-Boat enjoyed a virtual supremacy over the weak Allied antisubmarine warfare capabilities at the time. Lacking sufficient radar and high-frequency direction finding equipped ships, the British were at a distinct disadvantage in detecting nighttime surface attacks by the Germans. This resulted in catastrophic losses among the merchant fleet, with over 280 ships being sunk between July and October 1940.

Silent Hunter III Gibraltar Scenario

Gibraltar is the fourth of 10 single player scenarios available in the game. It takes place in December 1941 and is based on the deployment of a U-Boat force to establish a combat presence in the Mediterranean Sea. This was a contentious allocation of wartime resources that met resistance from top commanders such as Karl Dönitz, who personally saw the effort as a distraction to the greater mission – sinking Allied merchant shipping in order to cripple Britain.

Silent Hunter III Courageous Scenario

Courageous is the third of 10 single player scenarios available in the game. It takes place in September 1939 and is based on the sinking of the British carrier HMS Courageous by U-29, a Type VIIA U-Boat captained by Kapitänleutnant Otto Schuhart. The Courageous was originally a cruiser during the First World War, but was decommissioned and later reconfigured as an aircraft carrier during the 1920’s. She was hit on her port side by two torpedoes from Schuhart’s U-Boat, and sank within 20 minutes with a significant loss of life among her crew.

Silent Hunter III Bismarck Scenario

Bismarck is the second of 10 single player scenarios available in the game. It takes place in May 1941 and involves the Home Fleets mission to destroy the German battleship during its sole offensive operation of the war, an effort to break into the Atlantic and conduct raids against Allied shipping from North America to Great Britain. The Bismarck was scuttled by the crew following incapacitating battle damage on May 27, 1941, causing significant loss of life.

Silent Hunter III Barham Scenario

Barham is the first of 10 single player scenarios available in the game. It is based on the sinking of the HMS Barham by U-331 captained by Oberleutnant zur See Freiherr Hans-Diedrich von Tiesenhausen in November 1941 while operating in the Mediterranean. In the real life incident, he had surfaced to periscope depth and observed three British battleships and eight destroyers. Having just missed an optimal solution on the HMS Queen Elizabeth, he fired a salvo of four torpedoes at the second capital ship in the line, the HMS Barham.

Lightning Strikes Twice

Less than a year ago our apartment building was struck by lightning and I lost several items, which precipitated my obtaining renters insurance, and among other things a PCI-Express NIC for internet on my Windows 7 machine as the motherboard LAN became inoperable after the strike. More recently after some severe storms, I obtained two Belkin surge protectors (living room and modem source room) and shortly thereafter that we took another direct strike which again fried some equipment. The Belkin units were purchased as an upgrade to the previous surge protectors which failed to shield us from a power spike.

F1 2014 Germany Time Trial (Wet Weather)

Ever since I began racing in Geoff Crammond’s  Grand Prix 3 and eventually Grand Prix 4 in the early 2000’s I have loved running at the Hockenheimring circuit in the Rhine Valley in Germany. The shear amount of speed was absolutely terrifying and those video games did an excellent job creating a sensation that was at times both breathtaking and nauseating. That era essentially came to an end when in real life the track design was drastically changed in 2002 as it was butchered from 6.823 km to 4.574 km.

Tropico 4 Eva Peron One Year Anniversary Post

The following post will detail a sandbox game (not tied to a specific set of campaign progression goals) utilizing the stock Tropico 4 game. The decision is being made up front to forgo the Modern Times DLC, as it in my opinion makes some undesirable changes to the game (most regrettably various facilities are made obsolete and there is a texturing issue with some of the new buildings that make the game look ugly). That DLC does have its positives however, such as some rather useful edicts like Health Care Reform and my favorite (so far) Police State.