Command Ops Scaling Issue

I am not sure when this occurred, but it had to be some time after the last post I made about this series of games. All of my Airborne Assault engine games (Highway to the Reich, Conquest of the Aegean, and Command Operations) now have what appears to be a scaling issue where the text and graphics on the left side of the screen image are out of alignment. I have checked several forum threads from what remains on the Matrix site and attempted to adjust monitor scaling but to no avail.

I do know that my AMD Gaming Evolved video drivers were updated to version 14.12 some time ago and both the Replay and Record features are disabled (many users are experiencing this). I guess the easiest answer is to roll back the drivers, however AMD makes such an undertaking unnecessarily difficult to accomplish. Unfortunately the other option is to wait for them to roll out another driver update. Until that happens I probably won’t be posting any CO material.

MS FSX Boeing 737-800 IFR Flight Plan

Microsoft Flight Simulator X came out back in late 2006 and is the last installment of the vaunted Flight Simulator series prior to the release of the much maligned MS Flight platform which proved to be an abysmal failure (ultimately resulting in its discontinuation). I last had flown MS FS 2002 logging dozens of hours in a Cessna prop plane and Lear Jet becoming somewhat of a master using VOR to VOR routing, but quickly lost interest in the genre and completely skipped Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight.

Defense Grid: The Awakening (Demo)

This is a tower defense single player strategy game from indie developer Hidden Path Entertainment. The free demo available on Steam contains several missions that range in complexity but are tutorial driven. There is enough available in the sample that I am definitely going to pick this up during the forthcoming Steam holiday sale, however I will state here that the game is well worth the current asking price of $9.99 base, $19.99 with all DLC.

Democracy 3 United Kingdom (Second Term)

This after-action report covers the second term of my play through as the United Kingdom in Positech Games turn-based political strategy simulation game Democracy 3. After winning reelection largely based on the policies implemented and answers to several curveball questions thrown in my direction, I begin the fifth year in office with a Budget Surplus of £26.91 Bn and a National Debt of £451.98 Bn, along with 46 Political Capital points available to spend.

Democracy 3 United Kingdom (First Term)

Democracy 3 is a turn-based political strategy simulation from Positech Games that I have had my eye on for several months, just recently picking it up during the Steam Exploration/Autumn Sale for $4.99. It is a largely text based game with no 3D graphics to speak of, however it has a slick interface that serves the subject matter quite well.

Steam Whore Issue 1

The Steam Autumn Sale (also known as the Exploration Sale) is up and running through 12/2/14 and it has given me an opportunity to pare down my wish list from almost 90 items to around 40. This was not done by making insane impulse purchases (as I have done in the past a few times) but by asking myself legitimately “Am I ever going to play that?” There are approximately 5,700 titles on sale during this event and they are broken up into featured sales and flash events.

Fleet Command Single Mission 02

Chinese Special Forces is the second single player mission in the standalone scenario set that is apart from the campaigns available in the game. The mission tasking is to patrol the northern sector and to sink any Chinese patrol boats within 50 miles of Taiwan. There are numerous fishing vessels present which makes visual target identification a requirement before engaging any surface craft that have not already been flagged as hostile.

Fleet Command Single Mission 01

CVBG Norwegian Sea is the first single player mission in the standalone scenario set that is apart from the campaigns available in the game. The general task is to protect the aircraft carrier from cruise missile attack. The more detailed mission tasking is “Protect the carrier from attack by bombers equipped with long range air-to-surface missiles. Kill all hostile aircraft”. The area of operations is off of the coast of Norway, between Bergen and Alesund.

F1 2012 Grand Prix Du Canada

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve: The seventh race of the season took place at the Montreal, Quebec race track which is uniquely situated on a man-made island on the St. Lawrence River which was originally constructed for the 1967 exposition. The race is scheduled for 18 laps on the 4.36km circuit making a total distance of 78.5km and 252 turns.

Gordon Who?

Exactly ten years ago today while in a local Target store I picked up a slick looking game called Half Life 2. I never played the original and really didn’t know much about it, but I installed HL2 along with a required third party application called Steam. Little did I know at that time how this single purchase would completely change my video gaming life. Gone were the old purchasing habits to be replaced by a new retail model that I was initially slow to embrace.

DCS Black Shark 2 Testing

After a nine month hiatus from the game and an epic rant I decided to dust off my flight stick and do some basic flight and daylight attacks on stationary targets to see if anything has changed. All of a sudden I can now hit targets with the 9K121 Vikhr anti-tank missiles as long as I am at a sufficient height and distance (perhaps this was my issue before, however I don’t recall having this problem in the original Black Shark).

F1 2012 Canadian Grand Prix Practice Session

This evening I ran a five lap practice session at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in preparation for the next race even on the calendar, the Canadian Grand Prix. Canada is one of my all-time favorite tracks and is eclipsed only by the Autodromo Nazionale Monza in Italy. I have been racing these tracks in a variety of F1 simulations dating back to Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix 3 title released by MicroProse back in 2000.

ArmA Tactics Operation Tempest Mission One

The first mission of the Operation Tempest campaign is called “Leave No One Behind” which deals with the team attempting to secure an operator who was incapacitated and captured during an ambush on their patrol. With no open support from the local government, the team must move through the village of Lagados and engage any local militia that were left behind to hold Derek Masters when the mercenaries supporting wanted terrorist Ibrahim Soltani fled the area.

Rainbow Six Lockdown Game Killing Bug

This evening while trying to complete mission number eight “Distillery”, I came across what for me is a game killing bug in that until I can resolve this issue I am unable to advance in the single player campaign. The problem I am having is that in a certain section of the map my screen repeatedly goes black (although I can still see the HUD, have sound and can move about and do things). The problem however is that the main screen is pitch black and I am basically useless.

DiRT 3 Free Game

I have an AMD video card and several months ago there was a significant update that incorporated a new component called “AMD Gaming Evolved” which is essentially a new overlay that allows for optimization of games as well as to provide sort of a game library. Once a free account is setup the application tracks things such as game time and provides various multimedia tools such as the ability to take screen shots and video from within a game.

Command Ops Return to St Vith

The following after-action report is for a hypothetical scenario that takes place on January 5, 1944 between the Axis I SS Panzer Korps and the Allies III Corps in the Belgian province of St. Vith, the last supply route available to the Germans in the Bulge. The American 4th Armored Division is approaching from the south and the German 12th Volksgrenadier Division is defending the area. Both sides have reinforcements available during the scenario which will last four days.

ArmA III Free Play Weekend Review

A couple of weeks ago Steam had a free play weekend going on for ArmaA III at the same time that the game was slashed to 50% down to $29.99. I have had the game in my wish list for several months and thought this would be the best opportunity to try out the game before making a purchasing decision. The free play weekend version was a modified install that provided access to one singleplayer campaign, the mission editor, and multiplayer.

F1 2012 Grand Prix De Monaco

Circuit De Monaco: The sixth race of the Formula One season took place at the Monte Carlo and La Condamine districts street circuit under pleasant conditions with a three day forecast of partial sunshine, clouds, and again partial sunshine for the practice, qualifying and race segments. The race is scheduled for 20 laps on the 3.3km circuit making a total distance of 66.8km and 380 turns. My objectives for the weekend are to qualify 12th and to finish the race in 9th place or better.

Monaco is a track which highlights drivers’ skills more than any other on the schedule. Car performance therefore has less of an impact upon the final result than under normal circumstances. The circuit requires a car to be setup for maximum downforce and braking, and calls for a large degree of technically ability (if not bravery) on the part of the driver. The qualifying position is of utmost importance as it is extremely difficult if not virtually impossible to overtake another car on the narrow course.