Cities Skylines Springfield Update

The following screenshots are of a winter map that I am working on in the Snowfall DLC. There are a number of outstanding maintenance issues that appear in several images (such as water and sewage capacity needing to be increased). The present population is approximately 69,000 (I have previously reached the Metropolis Milestone when I surpassed 55K). In my gameplay experience so far this is about the point that I start experiencing issues with low volume traffic solutions resulting in the necessity to expand capacity.

Musings from a Budget Airline Captain

For the past couple of days I have taken a semi-break from my latest crack addiction Cities Skylines to revisit some older tried and true titles to provide some gaming balance. One of those go to games is Microsoft Flight Simulator X where I love to pilot (from takeoff to landing) a virtual Boeing 737-800. My go to route is Jacksonville to Daytona because it is an easy and short flight that covers all of the bases of navigation.

Cities Skylines Snowfall & After Dark DLC

During the recent Steam Winter Sale I picked up a couple of DLC for Cities Skylines (After Dark and Snowfall). The Snowfall DLC is currently $12.99 regular price on Steam and presently has a review status of mixed, which I happen to disagree with. While there are some things that they could have more fully fleshed out, there are many more features of this expansion that make it worth the regular price. I started one of the three snow maps as a test and ended up spending all my current city building time plowing snow.

Top 10 Video Games of 2016

The following list is my top 10 games that I have played in the last year. Feel free to chime in with some of your favorites from the past 12 months of gaming.

1. Skyrim
2. Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm (gift)
3. Flight Simulator X
4. Cities Skylines (gift)
5. F1 2014
6. Defense Grid: The Awakening
7. Grand Theft Auto V
8. Vietnam ‘65
9. DiRT 3
10. Ticket to Ride

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Cities Skylines Grim Reaper


The following video is an attempt to address wild population fluctuations that I believe were brought about from unchecked zone growth in the residential sections. Here I am taking an extreme step of de-zoning several residential areas in an attempt to bring them back online incrementally so as to check the severe swings in the census.

Cities Skylines Sub Theory

This evening when expanding my corpse recycler of a city I noticed that my subway line (which I was quite proud of at the time of inception) was as backed up as a toilet in a turnpike restroom. My first inclination was to provide bypasses to each stop when it finally dawned on my noob city planner self that each subway stop stopped at each stop thereafter, making bypasses effectively useless. Cims go to work, play, shop, and then come back home. What they do not do is hop on public transport of any type and go visit another cim (bunch of introverts).

Cities Skylines Megadeth

While my city has been progressing along with some minor death spikes resulting in population loss here and there, I have mostly been able to get through them without too much of an issue. Today I experienced a massive population drop which resulted in corpses piling up, abandoned buildings accumulating all over the map, and the resulting loss in property value and tax revenues that go along with it.

Cities Skylines Episode 3

This is yet another restart however this time I have really focused on trying to avoid resolving open issues before accelerating growth. This is the first video for this specific effort, and with it Capital City status for achieving a population of over 28K. The interesting things about this particular effort are that I have incorporated both freight and passenger rail service (with some substantial changes since this video was taken earlier today), as well as not placing down a subway system until over 25K. The result is a more logical routing that all runs clockwise from each station.

Cities Skylines Episode 2

This is a continuation of my time in the game, but with a new effort from previous videos. I am finding traffic scaling a challenge early to early-mid game. While there are some tutorial aspects available in the game, there is not a true dedicated tutorial in game that I am aware of so I have been spending some time on YouTube watching others videos as well as subscribing to certain save games on Steam Workshop for ideas in how to manage the city and its expansion.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

To all please have a happy and safe holiday season.