Hello Bloggerverse, I am still alive and kicking it gaming wise. I have a ton of games that I purchased over the years on Steam, and a few months ago I decided to purchase a second hard drive for my 2012 rig so that I could cram as many games onto this beast as possible. I have very often bounced from one game to another and back, many times actively playing several titles simultaneously.

ArmA II Steam Sale

Steam is currently having a sale for several ArmA products, and there are a number of bundled packages available. In terms of ArmA II content the lead bundle on that page is for the ArmA X edition, which oddly enough is missing one of the DLC packages (but includes older ArmA series games). You would have to do some searching to find a complete ArmA II bundle offer for the price of $7.99 (80% off of retail).

Steam Sale

The following post details my thoughts on the Steam weekly sale that started today. There are a number of titles of interest that are available at some significant discounts, and if your war game or strategy library is a bit on the light side of things these games may do the trick in filling out your roster of potential go-to games.

Flashpoint Campaigns Red Storm Back to Town

The following after-action report details a scenario from the battle pack “Germany Reforged” that depicts an action between the West German 21st Panzer Brigade and the Soviet 283rd Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment in the town of Westerbrück (the map spelling), on the third day of the war May 9, 1989 at 1100. The Warsaw Pact successfully drove NATO forces out of the town the day before and are preparing for an expected counterattack in an attempt to retake a vital base of operation.

Flashpoint Campaigns Red Storm The Pied Piper

The following condensed after-action report details a battle between the West German 4th Panzer Brigade and the Soviet Red Storm Battle Group on D1 + 6 hours, July 21st, 1989 in and around the town of Hameln, West Germany. NATO forces consist of the 204th Panzer Battalion, the 202nd Panzer Grenadier Battalion, and the 201st Panzer Battalion. Soviet forces consist of the 27th Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment, two battalions of motorized infantry, and two battalions of tanks.

DCS Blackshark 2 Flight Training

For the past couple of days I have been dusting off the cobwebs from Blackshark 2, the attack helicopter flight simulation from DCS. I have the game on Steam and it is now completely integrated into DCS World. While I have DCS Blackshark 1, that game has major graphical issues now that I am on a Windows 10 machine and is in an unplayable state (perhaps it is something I can relegate to my Windows XP machine).

Decisive Campaigns Warsaw to Paris Netherlands Scenario

The following after-action report details a scenario in which Germany invaded the Netherlands on May 10, 1940 as part of the much larger Case Yellow operation to seize the Low Countries (including Belgium, Luxembourg, and France). The Dutch had hoped in vain that its stated policy of neutrality would keep them out of the conflict as it had done in World War I. While the Germans had considered at times leaving the Dutch alone, they opted for the invasion without a formal declaration of war.

Flashpoint Campaigns Red Storm British Steel

The following after-action report details a scenario from the battle pack “Germany Reforged” that depicts an action between the British 22nd Armored Brigade and the Soviet 48th Guards Tank Regiment along the A4 autobahn on the third day of the war May 9, 1989 at 0700. The Warsaw Pact forces are strung out along the road and are unaware of the presence of a larger NATO group north of their current location.

Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis

The following after-action report covers a spur of the moment mission created in Bohemia Interactive’s game Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis that was played in Windows XP earlier this evening. I hadn't done anything in this oldie but goodie for quite some time, so I decided to brush away the cobwebs and take it for a spin. Using the mission editor in this game is seriously like riding a bicycle, I was able to create the most rudimentary mission and play it through the editor with just a few clicks.