Armor Probe with Infantry Support

Situation: A Soviet Mechanized Infantry Squad is in the town of Bitov on the Island of Nogova and is preventing the repatriation of local citizens. A request has been received by the local government in Lipany to liberate Bitov as soon as possible.

Mission: Call-sign Hammer, class M1A1 MBT will approach the AO (Bitov) from the NW and engage primary target designated T1, a class BMP-2 armored personnel carrier believed to be in operational readiness. Call-sign Alpha, class regular infantry squad will hold at phase line Whiskey and await confirmation of target T1 elimination, then proceed to target T2 and eliminate the AT threat to Hammer.

Once this threat has been eliminated, Hammer will move further into the town and provide support to Alpha who will approach the AO from the W to clear the area of enemy units. Call-sign Bravo, class regular infantry unit will be held in reserve behind phase line Whiskey to reinforce Alpha should the need arise.

Friendly Forces: In addition to Hammer, Alpha and Bravo units, additional friendly forces are staged outside of the AO to provide road blocks leading into the town of Bitov. Area air superiority continues to be maintained and there are standby medical and other support forces as needed to evacuate the wounded and collect any enemy units that surrender.

Enemy Forces: Total enemy forces are observed to consist of 1 (one) armored personnel carrier, class BMP-2 designated T1 (primary target), and 7 (seven) dismounted infantry troops which include an anti-tank soldier, class RPG-7 designated T2 (primary target).

Reconnaissance: The scout unit that detected the enemy presence in Bitov has moved out of the AO and is tasked with other duties not related to this mission.

Assessment: The battle plan was executed as described above and the mission was successful, however there was a high casualty rate among the approaching infantry as they were taking fire from across the field with little to no cover or concealment as they approached the AO.

I had to drive the tank further into the Bitov than planned to eliminate three additional enemy units that were outside of our field of view where we were stationed.

Future Considerations: In this mission, I would consider implementing a marksman team to provide over-watch, as well as repositioning the phase line and approach vectors of the infantry unit(s) to the AO to avoid open terrain as much as possible given the AO’s location and surrounding terrain features.

Game: Operation Flashpoint/Cold War Crisis/Resistance Expansion Pack
Version: 1.96
File: 07202011A

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