Weapons Cache Infiltration

Situation: Elements of the ChDKZ - The Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star have obtained several crates containing 9K38 Igla man-portable infrared homing surface-to-air missiles which constitute an immediate threat to civilian and military air traffic in South Zagoria.

Mission: Call-sign Mist, class Force Recon DAP (Direct Action Platoon) operator will insert via local contact civilian heavy truck at grid square 051-104 (approximately 2 grid squares north and elevated from a known ChDKZ checkpoint) and make way to an Threat Observation Point at grid square 054-107.

Once a Tactical Survey of the terrain and force disposition has been made, call-sign Mist shall proceed to infiltrate the main structure in the AO and search for the SAM crates. Once located and confirmed, the weapons are to be eliminated with extreme prejudice.

Friendly Forces: Call-sign Falcon, class Marine Force Recon DAP (Direct Action Platoon) will observe from over-watch positions to secure insertion and extraction zones for local contact truck. Once extracted from the AO, call-sign Mist will be brought to MEU HQ in Chernogorsk for debriefing.

Enemy Forces: ChDKZ irregulars with mixed weapons and some vehicles with mounted MG. Satellite count at last pass was approximately six heat signatures that could be seen. The northern element of call-sign Falcon reports a vehicle road patrol in addition to the road block.

Reconnaissance: The satellite data is over six hours old at this point. UAV flights into this area are not recommended due to alerting the local garrison commander to our possible intent and presence in the AO. This is a remote area for the MEU and we have little other intelligence other than the probable location of the weapons cache.

Assessment: Playing this mission on expert mode and having to deal with first-person view points in the dark and rain was a struggle, especially approaching the target objective. Waiting for a pattern to emerge for the sentries was taxing as they were inconsistent in their timings which made predicting an opening difficult at best.

I had to neutralize the guard at the door. There was no other way in without alerting the whole posse and causing a firefight that I would surely lose. Once I dropped the guard, I hid the body and proceeded to plant the satchel charges on the crates. There was one other sentry inside in an adjacent room, but there was little reward to the risk of directly engaging him when I knew the blast would level the building with him in it, which it did.

Game: ArmA II/Operation Arrowhead
Version: 1.59
File: 04282011B

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