Helmut Grimm, Patrol 4

Wilhelmshaven, Germany: After ordering the standard refit of T II G7e’s, I pulled out of Wilhelmshaven on 11/28/39 at 07:03 for my assigned patrol grid of AN-51, which is just off the coast of Firth of Forth. This particular patrol was chock full of mishaps and great danger to the crew of the U-24.

En route to the assigned patrol grid, I attempt to do an ALT+Enter on my keyboard to see if that has any affect with the game resolution. Stupid is as stupid does, even back in 2011 AKA 1939. The result was my expending a fish fired off into nevermore.

Down to four torpedoes left due to the mental error on the part of Captain Crunch, I forged ahead not knowing what lay in wait for me (about a dozen or so destroyers, trawlers and other pickets as well as what seemed to be a squadron of anti-submarine aircraft).

After killing a few merchants along the way to completing my assignment, I pressed on further up the coast to the fertile hunting grounds of AF-78. This area is ripe with shipping, and later war it contains a great deal of cargo and tanker vessels for you to send to the bottom.

After I receive the 50% fuel warning from the Chief Engineer, I proceed to haul it flank speed back to Wilhelmshaven. This was a tactical blunder as I came under air attack halfway home. Even when I backed down incrementally to ahead slow, I ran out of diesel fuel and had to limp home on electric.

Even though I blew a tank of gas, a torpedo and came home with two fish left in the fryer, the mission all told was a healthy one for my lapel - I was awarded the Iron Cross First Class as well as the German Cross. With the 7,940 tonnage I posted, I sit in 6th place overall with 28,601 tons.

Other thoughts: I really hate running the Ducks out of Wilhelmshaven early war to renown up to the VII's that you can only get in 1939 if you set up shop in Kiel, which is a navigational disaster to get out of and a complete game play bust in my opinion.

Also, the Ubi Soft designer that went with the enter key being the sole key to fire a torpedo should be shot out of a tube someday. There should be a safety mechanism in place such as a key bind or combination (and not Alt + Enter!!!)

Placing it right below the time compression key on the number pad could be the single greatest menu assignment blunder in recent gaming.

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