Norisring Racing Series, Event Five

Nuremberg, Germany: I entered event five of the series with a 141lb weight penalty and first place in the Championship. I would leave the track having expanded my lead in the series with solid performances in both races, bringing home the event win with a second place finish in race two.

My qualifying time was dead last again at 0:48.918, 00:01.768 off the pole sitter Timo Lienemann. This result was in line with all other qualifying sessions of this series given the Logitech dual-action gamepad and driving aids used to compensate for my racing wheel not working with this game.

Although I started in sixteenth place, I charged the racing line going into the Grundig Kehre (turn two) to slice inside and take over fifth place. This is a valid first-turn racing tactic that paid off as I did not hit anyone and the game did not flag me with any violations. From that point forward I largely maintained that position.

Race one finished with my coming in at sixth place with 3 Championship Points, 0:13.989 off the race winner Michele Merendino who posted a race time of 0:15:46.755. I had pitted on lap ten as I prefer to do and had to wait for the others to cycle their pit stops before making it back into the top ten.

Race two started with me in the third position which I transferred into leading the race for several laps until I pitted at lap ten. While the others were making their mandatory pit stops, I was able to move back into the top three. However I was pushing way too hard at this point and finished in second place not having challenged for the lead again.

This finish yielded 8 Championship Points, 0:04.780 off the race winner Timo Lienemann who posted a race time of 0:15:06.349. The 11 Championship Points that I accumulated with the sixth and second place finishes provided me with the event win and increased my lead in the Championship to seventeen points over second place Jan Charouz and Gianni Giudici.

Other thoughts: I have been assigned a weight penalty of 176lbs for the next event in the series. There were no Blue Flag warnings in either race. Race one had one DNF and one gearbox failure while race two had the same casualties.

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