Skorzeny's Bid for Glory

Malmedy, Belgium: This scenario pits the Axis I SS Panzer Korps represented by Panzer Brigade 150 against the Allies 30th Infantry Division represented by the 120th Infantry Regiment. This is a fairly straight forward attack/defend type mission to capture bridges over a river.

The objectives are as follows: Destroy the Enemy for 50 VP’s (for killing 50% of the enemy), West Bridge (D1 03:00-D2 14:59 for 100 VP’s [50/50]), Malmedy Bridge (D1 03:00-D2 14:59 for 100 VP’s [50/50]) and Malmedy (D1 03:00-D2 14:59 for 25 VP’s [all on completion]).

D1 03:00: I start the mission with a total force of 1,306 men, 27 armored fighting vehicles, 135 non-armored fighting vehicles, 24 gun units and zero bridging units. This provides an Anti-Personnel firepower rating of 1,429, an Anti-Armor rating of 624, a Bombardment rating of 66, an Armor rating of 136, an Infantry rating of 881, and an Engineer rating of 10.


Kampgruppe X are ordered to attack the West Bridge objective worth 100 VP’s
Kampgruppe Y are ordered to move to a staging area at Sauveniere (Bypass option selected)
Panzer Brigade 150 HQ are ordered to defend just south of Floriheid

D1 12:00: My initial order to Kampgruppe X was incorrect (I should have used a move order with the Attacks option selected) and the entire effort is in jeopardy as a result. No units have broken through the entrenched Allied forces defending the West Bridge objective.

D1 15:30: Kampgruppe X & Y are struggling with the Allied forces on both sides of the bridge and are undergoing a withering artillery barrage which is causing a significant loss of cohesion among the Axis forces attacking and moving through this sector.


Kampgruppe Z

This force consists of 534 men, 6 armored fighting vehicles, 31 non-armored fighting vehicles, 12 gun units and zero bridging units. This provides an Anti-Personnel firepower rating of 577, an Anti-Armor rating of 177, a Bombardment rating of 33, an Armor rating of 9, an Infantry rating of 452, an Engineer rating of 5 and a movement rating of 70.


Kampgruppe Z are ordered to move to a staging area at Sauveniere (Bypass option selected)

D1 17:21: The West Bridge objective has been achieved but the combined forces of Kampgruppe X, Y and Z have yet to make a significant breakthrough across the bridge. The initial error in the orders given to Kampgruppe X has put the entire operation behind schedule by some three hours.


Kampgruppe Kuhlmann

This force consists of 1,050 men, 115 armored fighting vehicles, 182 non-armored fighting vehicles, 34 gun units and zero bridging units. This provides an Anti-Personnel firepower rating of 1,341, an Anti-Armor rating of 758, a Bombardment rating of 126, an Armor rating of 684, an Infantry rating of 212, an Engineer rating of zero and a movement rating of 58.


Kampgruppe Kuhlmann are ordered to a staging area at Sauveniere (Bypass option selected)

D2 00:00: A significant breakthrough has occurred through the West Bridge objective and Kampgruppe Y, Z and Kuhlmann have any opening to move along the outlined waypoints through Burnenville to the staging area in the town of Sauveniere.

D2 06:00: Under the concealment of darkness (pitch black does not stop a bullet so it is not cover of darkness); my forces are almost in place to setup the attack on the Malmedy and Malmedy Bridge objectives. Due to the delay in getting here, I cannot afford to allow for any rest.

D2 07:15: Although there is a mortar platoon lagging way behind back on the ridge outside of Falize, I cannot wait to mount the attack against the Malmedy sector objectives. With the sunrise upon the battlefield my staging area is coming under artillery barrage.


Kampgruppe Y are ordered to attack the Malmedy Bridge objective (maximum Aggro/ROF/Losses)
Kampgruppe Z are ordered to attack the Malmedy objective (maximum Aggro/ROF/Losses)
Kampgruppe Kuhlmann are ordered to attack the Malmedy objective (maximum Aggro/ROF/Losses)

D2 12:00: The attacking forces have formed up and transitioned into the assault phase where they are immediately smashed in the face of relentless Allied artillery barrages. A good amount of cohesion is lost with several units routing, however they are slipping through the wooded section to the west which will give them some cover as they approach the Malmedy Bridge objective.

Review Final Situation Screen

D2 15:00: What a difference three hours makes; The lead elements of Kampgruppe Z have pushed through the Malmedy Bridge objective and have achieved the Malmedy objective, with Kampgruppe Y and Kuhlmann stacking up behind them.

After Action Report

A Decisive Victory was achieved with a final score of 100-40.
Axis Losses: 571 men, 13 armored fighting vehicles and 12 gun units
Allies Losses: 340 men, 15 armored fighting vehicles and 21 gun units

The primary cause of personnel casualties were the Allied artillery barrages, of which I could do nothing to prevent.

Mission Briefing

December 21st 1944, 03:00 hours, Malmedy, Belgium.

Semi-Historical scenario.

Operation "Greif" was Hitler's plan to spread confusion and panic behind the American lines and capture at least 2 bridges over the Meuse for the panzer spearheads of 6 Panzer Army.

Led by Obersturmbannführer Otto Skorzeny, the organization assembled for the operation was composed of 2 groups: The 'Einheit Stielau' commando group comprised of demolition, reconnaissance, and commando teams using American uniforms and equipment, and Panzer Brigade 150 comprised of 2 tank groups and 1 infantry combat group. With a makeshift assortment of American vehicles, equipment and crude mock-ups of American tanks, the brigade was to be the armed fist of the grand deception ploy.

As early as December 18th Skorzeny knew that the element of surprise had been lost and that the armored spearheads were still several kilometers short of capturing any of the Meuse River bridges. In light of these developments Skorzeny requested that his Brigade be committed as a regular combat unit.

His request was approved and he was given his first objective: capture and secure the key town of Malmedy and the roadway bridges over the Warche River.

Historically the attack on Malmedy was a disaster for Panzer Brigade 150. This scenario assumes that elements of Kampfgruppe Kuhlmann of 12SS Panzer Division have bypassed Dom. Bütgenbach to the south and are brought forward to assist Skorzeny.

Allies Briefing


Although the northern flank of Jerry's offensive seems to have stabilized somewhat since yesterday, our forward outposts south of Malmedy are detecting a lot of activity coming from the roads out of town to the south.

If the Germans come they will surely be looking to capture the bridges over the Warche River and the town of Malmedy itself. We have no reserves left to send your way, but you have plenty of direct artillery support to call from V Corps if you need it.

Control of Malmedy is extremely important in order to maintain our line of communication between Eupen and our entire northern flank, so hold it at all costs.

Axis Briefing

Skorzeny, you are hereby authorized to deploy your Panzer Brigade 150 as a combat unit and seize the town of Malmedy.

Capturing this vital communications center will split the northern flank in two, allowing us to shake loose the rest of I SS Panzerkorps and continue the drive for the Meuse.

Our intelligence reports for this sector are out of date, so I suggest you probe the defenses a bit to see what you are up against. If you run into trouble we will order elements of the 12 SS Panzer Division to disengage from their positions to the southeast and come up along the back roads to assist you. Malmedy must fall before sunset tomorrow!

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