Marine Platoon Assault

Stary Sobor, Chernarus, South Zagoria: A United States Marine Corps mechanized platoon is tasked with a hasty assault on a village suspected of holding a rebel warlord that is responsible for a rash of recent IED attacks in the Western Sector. To make matters much worse than they need to be, Stary Sobor is also being sat on by a detachment of Russian mechanized infantry.

The Marines are supported by a flight of Cobra attack helicopters and three P7A1 Assault Amphibious Vehicles. The Russians are known to pre-register checkpoints with indirect motor fire (even civilian populations such as those that exist in the area of operations). Normally a Force Recon unit would be called in to evaluate the situation on the ground, but some MAGTF officer back at command sent my detachment out on his own personal vendetta (with disastrous consequences).

To be continued...

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