Voronezh (1)

This is one of the standalone scenarios in the game and it is set up to be an easy time, however I am having some failures on it. I can push the Axis forces towards the primary objective in the north; however I frequently run out of supply and have to backtrack for fresh stocks and refit. In a mission that only has six turns and four for a decisive victory, my Blitzkrieg is a bit of a limp biscuit.

In the screen shot above, the Soviets only have six units left on the map and are facing an onslaught of German armor and infantry that just come up short by a bridge too far in Voronezh. I did have my supply lines cut on the AI turn 2 which I promptly restored after eliminating the enemy from the rear, but it was not enough to push forward and on to victory.

The odd thing is the very first time I played this scenario; I believe I beat it (although on the last turn). However subsequent replays have netted me a boatload of frustration. I am using my supply multiplier at the beginning of each turn and utilizing all theater air support, so nothing is going to waste. I could use some tactical advise on how to storm the main objective to secure a decisive victory.

In an immediate replay, I committed the reserve Panzer division and was able to extend my supply lines deep into enemy territory in order to maintain a consistent push which led to victory (still took six turns though):

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