FDM Jyllands-Ringen

Resenbro, Denmark: Round one of the nine event Swedish Touring Car Championship got underway with the Hartmann Honda Racing Accord R qualifying in fourth position on the grid with a time of 01:18.481. This being the first event of the Championship, all racers were on relatively equal footing in terms of car weight as there was no penalty ballast assigned to any driver.

The first race featured some tight moments on the opening lap as I was able to put the Work Zone Honda into P1 with a sprint down the front stretch after out braking P3 & P2 in turns 11 and 16 respectively. After that it was clear sailing to the finish for the victory with a time of 0:06:34.240 and 10 Championship Points.

The second race started with my vehicle at the back of the field, but the result was the same. Having past all but P1 using patience and timing, I was able to run up on the pole sitter off of turn 20 to take the lead. There was no looking back after that as I sailed off to victory with a time of 0:06.36.920 and another 10 Championship Points.

Overall I finished with 20 points, putting me in first place and allotted a weight penalty of 110lbs for the next event. Honda also leads in the manufacturers standings with 20 points, followed by Volvo with 17 points.

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