Hello everyone, happy weekend to all and be safe out there if you are downing a few brews. I have started to become more active on my gaming blog as of late, and will be adding some new content such as snippets in the Miltech label as I come across various articles of interest.

This very article is the return of the SITREP label that I have not done for a long time, and the image icon is a communication satellite which I feel fits the bill nicely. There are some new blogs added to the favorite blog section, and I continue to work on trudging through the myriad of games that I have on Steam which I have not even installed yet, let alone given an honest shake out.

I have a lot going on IRL at the moment (moving, vacation, etc.) so hopefully I will be able to post something of interest at least once a week. Once I get back from up north, I hope to be more active on the blog and post some quality after action reports for your enjoyment.

For now be safe and have a great weekend and summer.

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