I picked up the Iron Front: D-Day DLC on sale for about $4 and started messing around with it today when I got home from work. Some oddities right off the bat, such as the DLC in game being named simply “DLC_1”, and perhaps most perplexing the default mission parameters in the editor has the Allies friendly to Germany. WTF Chuck Norris…

The DLC comes with one map, Omaha Beach 1944 which is a very nicely laid out map that I am already planning on using the backside of for a “Hedgerow Hop” type mission where a Ranger platoon is tasked with clearing out three of the thickety bastards in order to allow a supply column to move through the area without interference.

While the US AT Squad group has AT soldiers actually equipped with rockets (in the Americans case, the M1A1 Bazooka), sadly no effort was made to rectify the egregious error made in the main game as the USSR AT Squad group still has no soldiers equipped with rockets. You have to manually change the “AT Soldier” to an “AT Engineer” and then they are equipped only with a German Panzerschreck. In my honest opinion, this was a missed opportunity to correct a glaring error.

Listen Vasily, I don't like these schrecks anymore than you do, but remember corners had to be cut! Show some respect for the developer for Stalin's sake!!


  1. Hi Ranger this is Phil from sim-deck. I got this myself a few days ago. I was perplexed about the Germans not fighting the Americans etc. There is an easy solution. In the editor when you pick the Allies you have to set who the enemy is in the settings. I'm at work right now so can't give exact details but it is here at the bottom of one of the setting screens in the editor.

    Btw are you planning on doing any Command Ops missions in the future? I'm just starting to learn it all.

  2. Hey Phil – yes I am planning on doing more Command Ops. If you get into that game, perhaps we can do some multiplayer someday as that is something I have yet to try. I am on vacation for the next several days so my blog activity will be kind of sparse.


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