F1 Season Challenge

I started a Career Season Challenge effort today in F1 2012 (albeit on easy mode as I am a 45-year old gamer using a Logitech Dual Action controller to race with). I picked my favorite team, Scuderia Ferrari (the game made Fernando Alonso my team mate).

For the season challenge aspect (since this is my first time out), I selected Charles Pic (no pun intended) as my rival, and him being at the bottom of the list with the Marussia team, beating him was little effort. Winning the race at Monza however was quite satisfying.

A note about my playing style: for years I tried to be as “realistic” as possible, owning several racing wheels (at one point, even a TSW before I had to sell it just to survive), going for the “ultimate” experience.

One thing I did not do however was look down on others who did not have comparable equipment or experience. In other words I never considered myself “elite”.

The point of a game is to enjoy the time you have relaxing with it, regardless of your playing style or gaming “ability”.

That was a lot of fun :)

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