Battlefields (Repost)

"Battlefields" is a classic single player mission from Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis. It is perhaps one of the most remade missions in the history of the series. There is nothing quite like charging a machine gun nest across an open field with armor support, only to then be counterattacked in strength by mechanized infantry.

In my version of the classic, I pit the United States Army against the Takistan Army. The US forces are comprised of a Stryker platoon supported by howitzers, mortars and A-10’s. The Takistan forces are holding a desert outpost and are very well entrenched. Their reinforcements consist of local mechanized forces and are supported by antiaircraft platforms and howitzers.

When creating a mission in this series, I suffer what I expect other developers do and that is the phenomena of what I call “layering”. Because the engine and the integrated in game mission editor are so robust compared to anything else out there, it easy to start out with the intent of “Keep it Simple Stupid” and end up with a multi-faceted train wreck.

Many of my missions have never been released because I would keep adding things to them (counterattacks, over watch, artillery, paratroopers, scripts X 100, etc.) to the point the scenario either ceases to function or becomes totally unplayable. While I do seriously try to save off the mission in sequential order when a significant addition is made, most times I give up and start over from scratch.

The mission was released in December 2010 and can be downloaded at ArmaHolic.

Completely staged set piece for an intro placeholder: I never went back and did a proper one.

This is a custom splash screen that I made for my series of remakes that I was going to call “Legacy Ops”. Like all well intended projects, this one never quite got off of the ground.

This is my playing around with typewriter text in mission for “Task Force Ripper”.

The intended player role is that of a US Army Marksman, unattached to any squad or other element to allow for complete freedom as far as decision making is regarded without affecting the mission objectives.

I love flares. 

I could take down a few tangos from this range, but moving closer would allow for more accuracy.

There was a ton of metal coming downrange at us (remember this is a remake of a classic “Pickets Charge” kind of mission, not rooted very well in current combat tactics).

All four Stryker vehicles are destroyed and bodies are piling up on the flats.

I detect a squad to my left sweeping behind a slight rise and decide to go investigate the potential for better ground to provide supporting fire from.

A much better spot from which to snipe the Takistan firing line from, and it looks like the Warthogs took care of the howitzers.

Four platoons of infantry advancing towards the objective.

I sit with a center group providing cover fire as the first squads enter the enemy position.

That center group bolts for cover as Papa Bear informs us that hell is breaking loose.

The AI did a good job of taking up reasonable cover and mounting the remaining crew served weapons (thanks to some scripting work).

A Takistan Mechanized Platoon sweeps down upon the dismounted infantry. Will the antitank weaponry save the day?

Did I mention that I love flares?

Hiding out inside the Takistan Command Post hoping for some support…

That is what I am talking about!

The threat from the Mechanized units is quickly put down.

I always liked the Battlefield First Aid and Clearance modules.

Could this be the end of Staff Sergeant Timmy? Takistan special operations forces parachute in to press the issue. These are hard core bastards that won’t run away to mommy in the face of a superior force.

Again I bolt for the Command Post tent and manage to take down a few of the Tak Commandos.

And that would be all she wrote, folks. I have never finished this mission on Expert settings.

This is a repost of a write-up originally done on 8/19/12: Enjoy!!

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  1. It is difficult to win an assault on a fixed position scenario in Arma 2 unless combat correlations are in your favor.


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