The site is going through some major changes which I hope will make it more appealing to visitors and those who actually read the posts. While the dynamic view template that I used previously was somewhat easy on the posting end of things, the inability to utilize the light box view with those types of templates probably made viewing a post annoying at bests.

I am doing some experimentation with different layouts so the structure of the blog will change frequently over the next several days. As mentioned in the announcement ticker, I will have to go through some of the older posts and insert page breaks so suppress the entire entry from appearing on the main page of the blog. The whole effort is a work in progress so please check back in the future, and as always constructive feedback is always welcomed.


  1. Hi it's Phil from Site looks great. If you could put a setting where you can add comments as say anonymous with name and email etc or just name email and site that would make it so much easier and better to allow people to post. I can't post comments when I'm at work because I can't log in to accounts such as google etc. I've wanted to post comments before but simply couldn't . Not a criticism just a minor point. All the best.

  2. Hey Phil - thanks for letting me know. I have opened up the ability to make comments so it should be easier for differing situations.


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