ArmA II: Army of the Czech Republic

The Battle of Bystrica lasted all of two minutes, if that long. Russian Federation forces in the form of an armored probe (one BMP-2, three T-72’s and one BRDM-2) moved into the area from the west at the same time a Czech unit of similar composition rolled in from the east. The only technical advantage that the ACR forces had was their MBT’s were T-72M4CZ variants.

Tactically however the Czech’s enjoyed approaching in a depression, with the Russian units cresting over a slight rise along the main road through the local village. This allowed the ACR armor (I was the gunner in MBT # 2) to pulverize the enemy units without mercy. At the end, the Czech’s were using machine guns to mop up the tank crews that were bailing out.

The exterior screen shots below were from a test using the AI fighting as both sides (I ran about as an observer). BLUFOR (the ACR) won the engagement but suffered losses similar to that of the OPFOR (Russian) units. On the interior screen shots it is another test where I am playing as a gunner on one of the Czech MBT’s.

The Russian contingent approaching the village from the west.

The Czech units moving into the same area from the east.

The Russian units under fire and taking evasive action.

A Russian MBT evaporating before my eyes.

Although BLUFOR (the ACR) won the first engagement (as played by the AI), that is all of their armor burning on the road. They must have had one or two crewmen bail out and hide out of sight for the win.

My turn as gunner on a Czech MBT, the second tank and third vehicle in line. I know what is coming up over that ridge, but my fellow tankers are oblivious to the threat as I have the column advance set to limited and safe.

A prime target for the kill.

The burning hulk of a BMP-2.

My second and final kill of the skirmish.

Although this was the last armored unit destroyed, we had to move forward a bit and mop up some crew that had bailed to secure the win.


  1. When running a dead link checker for the site this post came up with some missing images. I verified that they are still on Steam, however the links are timing out at the moment.

  2. The images have been recovered due to Steam changing the URL of their image locations.


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