Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam

I am not very good at first-person shooters. Truth be told I am actually pretty lousy at them at my age given the fact that slowing reflexes and a 2 GB RAM Windows XP gaming rigs makes me the bitch of any snot nosed nine year old kid running the latest gear. I do have a newer gaming machine that is up to the task but strangely the only shooters I have on it I play against the AI (I wonder why).

Back in the day (sometime around 2002-2007) I was in a variety of clans, squads, groups (insert your preferred designation here) that played shooters religiously and used Ventrilo communications. The heaviest incarnation of this was during the Raven Shield phase where we were in gaming leagues and performed weekly matches against other groups in the hopes of climbing some virtual ladder.

The pinnacle of my camping prowess (I hid in corners so much that my arm patch was for Campgrounds of America) came in a match where we were in the last round of the last map, and whoever won that round won the whole thing.  For some reason I still remember this finish: all of my squad mates were dead, and I was limping around the Streets map because I was shot and wounded.

I came out of the center area underground and rounded the corner, right into the remaining three players from the opposing side who were all sprinting down the lower level hallway. I freaked and pressed my mouse button which fired a full auto array of bullets from my PDW into the tight group killing all of them within a single second and winning the round (and the match).

The screaming and yahoos!! that went on comms after that were worth a few beers…

Oh, this article is supposed to be about Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam…I drifted there for a few.

Earlier today I jumped in it for a few minutes just to unwind from all of the building pressures of getting a completely jacked up performance review at work and was surprised to see that the game is still alive (most shooters have a shelf life of 2-6 months if they are lucky). Not everyone with a gun and a sprint button can be the next Counter Strike.

This has to be one of the best looking main menu screens of any game.

This was at 3:00 PM EST today and it was nice to see some servers out there populated with players.

I wish I would have drawn a different map as this one is dusty.

How in the world am I expected to see an enemy soldier in all this LOS interference?

I had to jog about a half a mile just to get to some action.

Spray and pray it hits something sinister.

When I did manage to live long enough to find a human, I let them round the corner so I could take the bullet in the back for them.

This bridge was a nasty place of death for several on my team.

One of those gaming moments where you go, "Oh Shit!"

The amount of dust and debris suspended in the air made a very believable setting.

Lead the way, I am fine back here.

My first online gaming kill against a human player in who knows how many years.

Yay me...

The farmers must have used a level when they put up this fence line.

That bridge again, from another vantage point.

The binoculars are for sighting mortar strikes which is part of the Recon kit.

This is the last screen shot FRAPS took before my computer froze and I had to do a hard restart.

Overall this was a fun excursion from war games and other things I am involved in. It could become a weekly staple in my available gaming time again, who knows.


  1. I spent the weekend playing old-school RPGs. Sometimes you need the mental break from the complexity of our primary hobby. When it starts to feel like work, I start to feel like visiting Skyrim.

    Sucks to hear about the work stress. People can't believe this, but I actually have far less stress after starting my own business than I did when I worked for someone else. At least in my case if the boss is being a jerk, I can kick his ass. :-)

  2. I hear you on when it starts to feel like work. I like blogging, but there are sometimes where I just want to play a game and forget it.


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