Company of Heroes - Beach Assault Victory

In the continuation of my Americans vs. Germans 1V1 Skirmish effort, today's episode saw Able Company face off against the Wehrmacht on a generic beach map. The map is nicely laid out, however it is somewhat the overwhelming majority of the resource points (and thus the action) were above the beach line.

I concentrated my first sweep of engineers south to the +10 munitions point on the beach, and after having locked that down with an OP and an MG Nest, I proceeded to capture the +10 fuel locations on both sides of the beach to cap them with OP's and start building some much needed resources.

With the barracks I built I only spawned one jeep which I sent to harass the +5 fuel resource just outside their HQ base, and one rifle squad which captured one or two resource points. After bugging out an engineer squad that made it back to the HQ with one unit left, I went to work on the supply depot.

With that built, I immediately started construction on a tank depot. Once that was done, I started cranking out M10 tank destroyers nicknamed by the British as "Wolverine" but called by the Americans simply a "TD" (tank destroyer). Once the first one rolled off the line, I sent it to the enemy HQ to start shelling the command post.

After four more M10's were produced (of which I took some slight damage on a few but never lost any), and an AT drop in the enemy compound from my Airborne Doctrine, I proceeded to wipe out the Germans from the map without having to use any Ranger units or other elements from the selected tree.

In the end I won the skirmish in all of 17:25 with a score of 7,773 to 4,319 with the enemy set at normal. There was very little strategy if any in this mission once the armor started their assault. The Wehrmacht had nothing for me in the end as not one Panzerfaust was fired against an M10.

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