Unity of Command Black Turn Campaign Episode 2

This is a continuation of the campaign I started back in December for the Black Turn expansion to Unity of Command: Stalingrad Campaign. Although that is the name of the base game, it expanded with Red Turn and now Black, growing into something much larger than the original focus on the horrific battles that took place in what is present day Волгогра́д (Volgograd).

The previous installment saw Fedor von Bock and Army Group Center smash the Soviets and open up the road to Smolensk. This effort focuses on Army Group North commanded by Wilhelm Ritter von Leeb with a contingent of armor, infantry and very light air support. This attack into Mother Russia begins on June 22, 1941 as did the other Army Group attacks.

The general tasking of AGN is to clear the Baltic States of Soviet forces. The mini-briefing at the beginning recommends racing the mobile units forward to seize Pskov while using the foot infantry to clear out the two objectives on either side of the main road leading to the primary objective.

Bite me.

Those flanking objectives are Riga (-25/5) and Daugavpils (-25/4). In between those two objectives are two bridges that cross the DvinaRiver and lead to the primary objective of Pskov (-50/6).

The end of the Soviet first turn and the beginning of the German second turn: I am pushing the mobile armor and infantry units up the main approach with the intention of going over the bridge near Riga.

The end of the Soviet second turn and the beginning of the German third turn: The Russians pull the armor units back a few hexes as they try to form a line blocking the bridge near Riga.

Those armor units were no real threat to the Bobblehead Blitzkrieg and are easily destroyed as the Germans move forward to cross the river.

Riga is fully encircled by Axis forces and the coast line while several mobile units have already crossed over the river and are racing towards the primary objective.

The available prestige begins to bleed as I fail to take both flanking objectives before the required turns.

Both Riga and Daugavpils are now secure as I continue to push the mobile units forward, bypassing or crushing anything that stands in their way.

I am right on the edge of Pskov when an intrepid Soviet unit cuts supply to the mobile units behind it. The foot infantry coming up in front of that unit will remove the threat with brutal ease.

The end of the Soviet final turn and the beginning of the German final turn: I have Pskov surrounded and the unit remaining there has not a chance in the world.

The German forces are victorious in the north.

The next Army Group due is in the south and that will be Episode III.

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