Font You Very Much

Awhile back I posted about a scaling issue that I had with the Airborne Assault games (Highway to the Reich, Conquest of the Aegean, and Battles from the Bulge). It even affected the new game back when I tried the core engine. Those games worked fine on my Windows 7 machine up until sometime in November 2014 when the scaling issue reared its ugly head. I had thought it was an issue with my AMD video card, however several driver updates had gone by without a resolution.

I even went so far as to reinstall Windows XP on an old machine to play the games, and they work fine in that OS environment.

Tonight Dave O’Connor posts a response to a thread with a screen shot of his fonts folder and says that after looking at my DX Diag that I did not have Sans Serif installed. It turns out he was right – what I had installed was MS Sans Serif, not Microsoft Sans Serif and that distinction made all the difference in the world. One font is designed for Latin only (MS), and the other is designed for Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, etc. (Microsoft):

After downloading a Microsoft version of the font and installing it, the game no longer suffers from the scaling issue that had severely affected its enjoyment.

An early Christmas in St. Vith.

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