Flashpoint Campaigns

I am currently working on a battle plan for the Flashpoint Campaigns: Germany Reforged scenario “Ardennes Revisited”. This is the Soviet version of the scenario as I am working on completing the Red Army mission set since I played the original game scenarios from Flashpoint Germany as NATO (and in that mission I scored a Decisive Victory outcome). This first go around is a bit of a boot camp for me since I have been away from the game for a few months, and it shows in both my initial decision making and later turn execution.

“Ardennes Revisited” is a tough scenario for the Soviets as they have no reinforcements, and no air support. It truly becomes an analysis of what you are willing to sacrifice up front in terms of Victory Point locations as there are far too many too strung out for the meager 23rd Motor Rifle Regiment to secure and hold. When I played this as NATO in the original game I steamrolled the Soviets in five turns without mercy: Now I can see why, as the West Germans are fielding over 80 Leopard 2A1-3 MBT’s up against only 39 antiquated T-72 B MBT’s (that are not organized as an organic fighting unit).

This refresher so far has been a blood bath.


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