Cities Skylines Springfield Update

The following screenshots are of a winter map that I am working on in the Snowfall DLC. There are a number of outstanding maintenance issues that appear in several images (such as water and sewage capacity needing to be increased). The present population is approximately 69,000 (I have previously reached the Metropolis Milestone when I surpassed 55K). In my gameplay experience so far this is about the point that I start experiencing issues with low volume traffic solutions resulting in the necessity to expand capacity.

I have managed to successfully arrest the huge population swings that were experienced on some of the European maps by rapid over-zoning, however the problem that I am having now is many Commercial zones are not receiving enough goods to sell (even with imports). This is a combination of not enough Industrial zones and poorly located Commercial zones which required delivery trucks to drive deep into the city. A mixture of relocating zones and redesigning the road network may help alleviate this.

By far the largest budget expenditure is on District Policy and in this image you can see a number of districts that I have created to maximize various policies based on the situation on the ground. In the top middle part of the map is my Industrial area which is broken up into Forestry, Oil, and General Industrial specializations.

This is my current highway integration into the city center. It is not adequate for the population or the zoning locations (which need to be reworked to bring all Commercial zones to the front closer to the highway).

This is the southern bank of the initial tile provided at the start of the map. There are a number of building that are just ready to maximize their upgrades and it is a matter of clicking on individual structures to find what they need to put them over the top.

This is my Industrial area which has a total of three districts as described earlier. The Forestry specialization is at the top in Aspen Square, the General specialization is in the center in Pleasant Park, and finally the Oil specialization is at the bottom in Lilac Hills. There is one Cargo Hub (which contains shipping and rail service), and three Cargo Train Terminals.

Sitting in the center of this image is my Solar Power Plant farm which provides power at an upkeep of 7.5 per megawatt (assuming mass production), which is the cheapest per megawatt price in the game.

The Springfield FC is undefeated at 6-0, bringing in ticket revenues of $1.2M (in cim dollars, whatever that is).

This final image is of an attraction center that I trying to develop in the heart of the city. There is plenty of alternative transportation available here as the Bus Terminal (part of the After Dark DLC), a Tram, a Subway, and a Taxi Stand all service the intrepid cim in their quest for amusement.

My goal with this map is to maintain stability in population control, address outstanding service and capacity issues, and to possibly revamp the road network to maximize effectiveness.

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