Command Ops 2 on Steam

Today I learned that Command Operations has finally landed on Steam. This is what I feel to be a logical conclusion of a journey that has taken this developer through several publishers and business models. The series began as Red Devils of Arnhem, and then progressed as Highway to the Reich, Conquest of the Aegean, Command Operations 1, and now the most recent iteration of the game engine, CO2. Along the way the theater shifted from Western Europe to Greece, and then back to the western front again through both CO1 and CO2.

The base game is a skeleton module that contains a tutorial and two scenarios. There are currently eight DLC packs priced around $30 each. There is a robust database editor as well as map and scenario making tools that can produce quality content (which is why the absence of Steam Workshop capability is quite interesting).

The tutorial is quite enjoyable and I have played it dozens of times over the years.

The free module is worth it just for the tutorial scenario alone, and that will give you all you really need to know about the whole system. I have been playing these Airborne Assault series of games from David O'Connor for over ten years and they have never ceased to disappoint. To be honest there was a time where a Windows font issue rendered the game unplayable for many for several months; however that seems to be a thing of the past with Windows 10.

Recommendation: Get the base module as it is free. If you like what you see then some of the scenario DLC packs should be worth your investment.


  1. Steam Workshop support is work-in-progress, can't give any precise ETA but maps should be available in the workshop really soon(tm).

  2. Wholly agree, in fact I can go back with panther all the way back to the release of Fire Brigade way back in 1989. About time that game was given an anniversary reissue.


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