Fallout 4 Creation Club

For those of you who do not know Bethesda released something called the Creation Club, which is now fully integrated with Fallout 4. It is basically paid mods, and this post is not to debate the pros and cons of that. This post is to rant on how Bethesda screwed my game up. I use mods to improve the game, and one of those mods for me had to be the Achievements Mods Enabler so that I could work towards the 80 or so Steam Achievements that come with the game.

Well the implementation of the Creation Club made substantial changes to the executable file which in turn caused the enabler mod to become out of date, requiring it to be updated by the mod author. They have done that, but I am having difficulty extracting the files when I did not in the past. That as well is not what this post is about.

What this post is about is a decision made by Bethesda to preinstall the Creation Club mod content onto each players computer. Even if you have never used a mod before in your life, and have no intention of checking the new feature out, you are giving up download bandwidth as well as HDD (or dare I say SSD) space for content that you do not have the choice to refuse.

It would be one thing if you could shop for what you want, buy it and then download it. But the way Bethesda is doing this, you are forced to download all the store onto your drive regardless of whether any of it is something that you would buy.

And as each new approved Creation Club content file is finalized and released, you will be forced to download and store it on your local machine.

This must be one of the most asinine, arrogant, and customer unfriendly heavy-handed tactics I have come across since getting into gaming. Anyone who faces data caps from their ISP, or suffers from poor internet connectivity will pay a steep price.

And considering Steam no longer allows a user to ignore an update altogether, you are forced to play the game either offline or not at all if you want to avoid these forced installations.

This stupid move is a major fail on the part of Bethesda, and it is ripping the community apart.

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