Blog Maintenance and Other Things

Hello everyone, I have been made aware that some of the file download links no longer work. I will begin the process of reviewing what links are expired and will update them accordingly. If you happen to encounter a broken file download link, the best way to alert me to this is to make a comment in the section that you are experiencing the broken link at.

What I am working on: I have had a new gaming rig since March of this year and have been playing a lot of games but have done little blog posting other than a video or commentary here and there. Part of this is due to the amount of time required to write a worthwhile post, and part of it is that I have not brought over certain applications yet such as Paint Shop Pro (something that I have had for over ten years but it still works and does everything that I need it to).

I have been dabbling a little bit in Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm, and hopefully can get back into it enough to complete the Soviet single player scenarios and write up full AAR’s, but truth be told none of those previous entries registered in any of my three top ten lists on the left side of the blog frame. What does register are one off efforts and a couple of videos now and again.

While I do not have advertising on this blog and have no need to whore myself out to click bait traps, it would be nice to see some feedback if there is something specific that interests you. The comment section at the bottom of each post is the place to do it. While this blog is largely an open canvass, I will take into consideration recommendations.


  1. Hello!

    The link to the FPRS scenario "The Butcher's Bill" no longer works.


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