9800 GT Dead

Well I got home from work this afternoon and fired up the rig to play some Arma missions and all of a sudden the graphics went to hell and a burning smell started coming out of my case. At the same time I could hear the card fan spike to 100% so I immediately shut the system down.

This is the second card that I had in this design (the first being an 8800 GTX).

I emailed XFX for a support ticket RMA to send back my 9800 GT.

Hopefully these dudes are honest and will honor their warranty. I only had the card in there for 6 1/2 months.

If they don't own up then the card is going retail for under $100 now so when I get situated financially I may spring for it again, but from a different manufacturer if XFX does not come through.

Update: Within 30 minutes of posting the ticket at the XFX website I received a call from one of their techs who suggested mailing me a new cooler unit. Fast response...will see how this works out.

Update: I must have a decent mobo - I can play (at low settings) the following games: Highway to the Reich, Ghost Recon & Madden 2008. Wow with no video card.

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