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I got a major nostalgia boner tonight watching YouTube video of old Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis gameplay. I dug around and found the three disks I have - the original CWC, the Gold Upgrade with the Red Hammer campaign, and finally the Resistance disk.

It took some more digging to find the game manuals but luckily I kept them in a shoebox in mint condition for the CD keys. After a bit of confusion regarding the installation and patching, I was good to go. 1) Install Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis (1.2) 2) Install Red Hammer (1.3) 3) Install patch 1.46 4) Install Resistance (1.75) 5) Install patch 1.96.

I will say that this game, along with Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon, made 1998-2003 the Golden Age of PC Video Gaming.

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