Game Completed

Well yesterday I completed Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow on normal setting. I started the game when I ordered Chaos Theory and Double Agent from Amazon two weeks ago. It was a great game and very enjoyable to play. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Only thing I do not like about these games is the extra ammo and equipment lying around enemy compounds.

I realize the games are not supposed to be hyper-realistic, but come on: enemy combatants that mostly carry AK's would not have boxes of spare 5.56 ammo lying around nor would they have sticky shockers, air foils and other NSA Third Echelon devices in convenient places...mostly because they are not the NSA.

I am running a XFX 9800 GT video card 512MB with the newest drivers. This is a Shader Model 3.0 card and the game calls for Shader Model 2.0, so in the game analysis my video card failed. Using NV goggles there was a lot of jagged edges and the game looked like the original Splinter Cell. I set my Control Panel to maximum quality but held the AA to 4X.

When I installed Chaos Theory the game check completed successfully and the NV looked much better, so this is just a "limitation" of using an "unsupported" video card even though it crushes the recommended graphics package for when the game was released. Also every time I exited the SP game back to the Main Menu (I did not like how they implemented this navigation design) then selected to quit the game I would get an error message.

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