Invasion 1944 Mod

I downloaded a mod yesterday for Armed Assault: Combat Operations called Invasion 1944. It is a pretty decent mod that has some bugs and issues (to be expected, for any mod). The install process is a pain in the ass and should have been easier. The installation path assumes a Bohemia Interactive directory so North American users of Combat Operations need to move the add on and campaign files to their Atari directory, update the short cut (plus find the icon – very lazy on the mod developer) and delete the Bohemia directory from the C: drive as it is not needed (unless you have something else already in there from another game).

I am hoping these gents will patch this release for ArmA I before they start in earnest with ArmA II. I love OFP and ArmA, but to be blunt there is nothing I see in ArmA II that warrants me having to pay full price for it. I can wait for it to tank on Amazon and get it brand new on the cheap. We PC gamers have that distinct advantage over console freaks. One thing I do like already is that one Tiger tank can rip to shreds two or three Sherman tanks while taking only moderate damage.

From everything I have read and heard about the Sherman disadvantages, this seems to be as realistic as it gets in tank on tank WWII battle for video games. The mod is highly un-optimized: it will severely tax your video card resulting in poor frame rates and high card temperatures. Advise to stay away unless you have a strong top-of-the-line card and a direct way to control fan speed (such as Riva Tuner).

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