My wife and I are back from vacation last week which was very enjoyable. Unfortunately for me on Wednesday I aggravated a recent back injury (packing for our move before vacation) and it progressively became worse, to the point that on Friday, Saturday and Sunday I was virtually immobile. I still have some acute soreness; however I have been able to make it to work each day this week.

Presently I have an active thread going on over in the Matrix Games forums for an older game (2005 I believe) called Flashpoint Germany. I am working out an AAR on their forums before bringing it here as a full-blown write-up, so feel free to check the progress there. I picked the game up for basically half off on the Matrix Deal of the Week program last week and have been greatly enjoying it.

I busted out the old Fender Stratocaster this afternoon when I returned home from work and to my dismay I either have a faulty volume control knob, cable or speaker as the sound was cutting out quite frequently. The whole kit will make its way to a guitar repair shop hopefully sometime this summer so I can do some troubleshooting with it.

Today is unbelievable hot and repressive here in Jacksonville, FL. Too hot in fact to walk to the complex pool which is not that far away for a quick dip. My wife wonders what it will be like in the dead of August: we have lived here going on almost ten years now and we are still not fully accustomed to the awful dog days of summer.

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