Hello everyone who reads this blog, I am still around and still gaming. However I have also been working, doing real life stuff and since Fathers Day I am the proud owner of a BC Rich Kerry King Edition Warlock guitar. To say this thing is sweet is a colossal understatement: it has literally rekindled my desire to play an instrument, something that has lain dormant for almost a decade.

So with 24 hours in any given day, the math is the math: there is less time to do the other things which I enjoy, such as gaming, mission design, blogging, drinking beer, etc. This week March of Eagles came up on sale at Steam so I picked that up and am tinkering with the tutorial. It appears to be a very polished game that has great graphics and demands some attention.

The AAR for Meeting of Titans from FlashPoint Germany has largely stalled out on the Matrix forums partly due to the "distractions" listed above, and also because it has garnered zero interest on that website. I enjoy the scenario and the game and have actually completed the effort resulting in a Tactical Warsaw Pact Victory, I just need to complete the write-up, consolidate it into something others may enjoy reading, then post it here.

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