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This evening when expanding my corpse recycler of a city I noticed that my subway line (which I was quite proud of at the time of inception) was as backed up as a toilet in a turnpike restroom. My first inclination was to provide bypasses to each stop when it finally dawned on my noob city planner self that each subway stop stopped at each stop thereafter, making bypasses effectively useless. Cims go to work, play, shop, and then come back home. What they do not do is hop on public transport of any type and go visit another cim (bunch of introverts).

My first iteration of this circular path subway contained seven lines each with six stops (the final line was brought about with my addition of residential zoning in the Wood District). This setup transported approximately 1,400 cims (although I do not know if any cim is being counted more than once like a Detroit suburb voter).

I changed this to a total of four metro lines that each stopped at the following places of interest: the University, the Grand Mall, and the Public Train Station. These places had their own lines removed as there are new stops there removing cims from the locations. Two of the lines have five stops (residential areas linking up with the massive office park complex at Highland Square) to force them to stay on the same circular route.

In addition to this I created four bypasses in three districts: Wood, Highland Square, and Dean Heights. This arrangement quickly yielded approximately 900 cims traveling about, so I will need to stress test this over time to see if I get back near the original 1,400 (again I do not know if there is oversampling occurring as one cim can go to multiple places).

The Verville FC is now 4-2 and one dead person still waiting for transport.

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  1. I am really enjoying these Cities: Skylines posts!


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